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Alison Macklin is a Toronto, Canada based Child Sleep Consultant, certified by the Family Sleep Institute, which is one of the most extensive professional certification programs available. She studied Psychology and Sociology at the University of Toronto, and took an interest in child development, but her passion for the world of sleep began when she became a mom. Her daughter wasn’t born a naturally great sleeper and became increasingly difficult to put down, which lead to less sleep and more crying. Exhausted and at her wits end, Alison and her husband sought out the help of a knowledgeable sleep consultant and it was a life changing experience. Her daughter went from being chronically overtired, to falling asleep independently in her own room and sleeping through the night. Since then, she has been hooked on learning everything there is to know about pediatric sleep. Her mission is to help as many families as possible through what she knows can be one of the most difficult periods in life, all while feeling comfortable and confident about their child’s wellbeing and future development. When working together, Alison will help you to establish healthy and safe sleep practices based on science, to get everyone the rest they need. She works closely with you to formulate a customized sleep solution, all while taking into consideration the unique temperament of your child, creating a plan that takes out all the guess work. She’ll be there, step-by-step, to guide and support you through the process and answer all of your sleep questions. She takes the wellbeing of you and your child to heart and will help find a solution that works for everyone. *All sleep packages are virtual done via Zoom* Client Reviews can be found on Google Business:,-107.5662056,3z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89d4d3450ee7c2e5:0x209f5f680a3b9861!8m2!3d14.4021671!4d-107.5662056


BA Sociology & Psychology, University of Toronto (2005)

Certification and training

Certified Child Sleep Consultant, Family Sleep Institute (2020)

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Good Night Sleep Site Educator

Hand in Hand Parenting

Baby and Toddler Sleep Coach Sleep Consultant Parenting Parenting Support


Service introduction

Being a parent is tough, and it’s even tougher when you’re tired. With my guidance, you can achieve better sleep for the whole family, quickly and effectively. All my solutions support teaching your child to fall asleep on their own, in a way that you are 100% comfortable with. I let my clients choose the sleep training method they feel best about. Together through custom tailored plans, I help you achieve age appropriate sleep at consistent times with biologically appropriate lengths for your child’s healthy development. Start by booking a complimentary Discovery Call with me today to find out what sleep solution is right for your family.

Baby DIY Program
This is an online do it yourself program for those with a 4 - 12 month old on a budget. Your baby will learn how to fall asleep independently using a plan that you customize after going through the online training modules. This package includes: 90+ page Good Night Baby Sleep Program guidebook (with biological daily schedule). 4 audio lessons taught by founder and lead expert Alanna McGinn. All the info-education and resources you need to help your baby sleep better. Good Night Sleep Site Handbook, How to Help your Child Sleep Better at Daycare Guide, The Sleep Training Mindset – Busting Through Sleep Training Myths Guide , Comprehensive sleep FAQ reference guide *Add on item: -1 hour consultation for $200
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This Toddler Loves Sleep Program
Supports helping your child (13m and up) to fall asleep on their own and fall back to sleep independently when they wake in the night. Achieves age appropriate sleep at consistent times with biologically appropriate lengths for healthy development. What it includes: -Preliminary behavioural phase (1-2 weeks) providing guidance on tools you can implement day and night to help manage behaviour and strengthen emotional connection -Sleep Questionnaire where you can provide all relevant information about your child’s sleep history and issues, and your sleep goals you hope to achieve. -1 hour consultation where we discuss customizing the right sleep training method for your family -2 weeks of sleep training support, working through all the hurdles that come up, as well as how to optimize as we go through the process together -Fully customized sleep plan -Unlimited texts/emails, a shared online sleep log, and 4 phone calls During our time together you'll learn: -How to manage toddler behaviour and emotions in order to decrease tantrums and see more cooperation. -The biologically age appropriate schedule so your child can get healthy, restorative sleep, that reduces night wakes and early risings. -How to support the development of independent sleep skills. -How to manage sleep beyond our time together. Wrap up call to review: how to manage developmental milestones, dropping naps, future sleep needs, managing illness, travel, transition to daycare, toddler beds, potty training and nightmares.
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This Teen Loves Sleep (Sleep Support for 9 to 18 years old)
This DIY online sleep program includes the guidance and information you and your child needs to establish better sleep habits and a healthier relationship between themselves and sleep. Through the 'This Tween/Teen Loves Sleep' DIY program, you will learn: -How to establish proper sleep skills and sleep hygiene to sleep better and more restfully at night. -To fall asleep on their own without fears and anxieties at bedtime. -How to establish an age appropriate bedtime routine with the right sleep environment to encourage the healthiest sleep possible for your child. -How to Incorporate “The Slow Down Cycle” at bedtime. -Discover tech to avoid and Good Night Sleep Site’s approved tech -How to conduct a proper family sleep meeting discussing the right sleep rules and expectations for both you and your child. What's Included -60+ page Good Night Tween/Teen Sleep Program guidebook -7 audio lessons taught by our founder and lead sleep expert Alanna McGinn -All the info, education and resources you need to help your tween/teen sleep better including printable information on mindfulness, bedtime breathing and yoga exercises, nutrition, and drowsy driving. -The option to purchase additional one-on-one support if desired/required
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