Allie Glazer
Offers virtual services
Speech Pathologist
San Carlos, California
15 years of experience
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About me

Pediatric speech and feeding therapist championing tiny humans and their grown ups.


Masters in Speech Pathology (2012)

Certification and training

Learn With Less® (2020)

Memberships and affiliations

American Speech, Language and Hearing Association

Early Intervention Speech and Language Early Parenting Educator Evidence-Based Care Evidence-Based Therapy Parenting Support Perinatal and Infant Loss Pregnancy Loss Strengths-Based Therapy Telehealth Toddlers


Service introduction

Speech and feeding therapy for 6 month to 3-yr olds. Services are supportive, empowering, and follow a strengths-based philosophy.

Individual Speech or Feeding Therapy
Individual sessions tailored to your child and your specific needs. $120-$165 per session depending on length of times plus $30 travel fee for in-person sessions.
USD Per hour
Collaborative Coaching
Intensive, short term program of 2 sessions per week for 4 weeks. One session is direct intervention with your child, one is virtual parent coaching. Designed to help you hit the ground running.
USD Per hour
Learn With Less® drop in class
These enrichment classes aim to empower caregivers of 0-3 yr olds by using items you already own (no need for a fancy subscription box here!) in developmentally appropriate activities to support motor, cognitive, communication, and social-emotional skills.
USD Per hour