Alyx Cucci
Albany, Oregon
5 years of experience
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About me

Hello, my name is Alyx Cucci and I am a certified birthworker living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I have personally experienced a hospital birth, a birth center birth as well as a home birth and although they were all exceptionally different I loved each of them equally. As a birthworker I am a firm believer in the magic that is created by a birthing person and their partner during the entirety of the birth process. I am always grateful to be chosen as a witness to these extraordinary experiences and my ultimate hope is that I am more of a witness than anything else. I work hard to educate and empower a couple before the arrival of their baby so when the time comes, they are able to confidently and comfortably take control of their birth with me their merely as an extra set of hands when needed or sometimes to simply hold space. I also believe that there is a birthworker for everyone. We are not one size fits all and neither are you. And….THATS OKAY. I love chatting with potential clients and seeing if we are a match. Most often we are, and sometimes we are not. Childbirth can make women feel vulnerable and unsure. They need somebody they can completely trust and open up to. Somebody they can feel vulnerable and unsure with. And let’s be honest, sometimes we just done jive with others. I want potential clients to understand that I am just one type of doula. I am open and honest and blunt. I believe in this magic down in the deepest parts of my soul. I am knowledgeable and empowering; I care genuinely for each of my clients but I am not the fit for every woman. Thankfully, if I am not, there is another who is. And I want you to have that birthworker attend your birth and stand witness to your miracle. Lets chat, no hard feelings. 😊

Certification and training

Birth Doula Certification (2020)



Service introduction

Typically my service includes 3 prenatal apointments, the enitre duration of the birth as well as 2 postpartum visits. I am happy to work with you if you have more need then that or also if you dont need quite as many visits. I am on call 2 weeks prior to your due date as well as two weeks after. I am available by phone or text for the entirety of our time together after hire.