Amanda Carlton
Sleep Coach
Mesa, Arizona
14 years of experience
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About me

My name is Amanda Carlton. I live in Mesa, AZ with my husband and two young boys. I have two passions: child development and aviation. I received a bachelor's degree in child development from California State University, Chico and then continued to pursue a career as a commercial pilot. Child development and aviation may seem like two very opposite things, but they both bring out the nerd in me. I need to know how things work. I love learning how children develop and understanding the science of aerodynamics. Covid19 has negatively affected many careers. The hit that the aviation industry has taken is simply devastating. Its eye opening to acknowledge how volatile the aviation industry is. Because of covid19, many have had to find new outlets of income. And I am one of those people. July 2020, I became a certified pediatric sleep consultant...why? This business allows me to be home with my boys, and I get to help other families establish the gift of sleep in their household. Remember when I said that I need to know how things work??? Well...sleep was a struggle with my 1st baby boy. After seeking the professional help of a sleep consultant, my baby boy was sleeping through the night and napping like a champ. To say the least, the science of sleep intrigued me. And now here I am: a pediatric sleep consultant here to help you and your family obtain the sleep you deserve. I have done the study and research of all things pediatric sleep. If you need help getting your LO to sleep...let me help you. No need to submerge yourself in all the parenting books and sleep studies (I've already done that for you). My sleep philosophy: I believe the only option is to have a personal approach to sleep training. It's YOUR child - what's more personal than that??? As a sleep consultant, my passion is helping families establish a healthy relationship with sleep. The independent sleep skills that I help instill, will not only improve a baby or toddler's current sleep, but will be a skill that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Instead of a “cookie cutter” approach, my unique sleep training method lets us work together to find the approach that's best suited to YOUR child’s sleep habits and their unique personality. When customizing a sleep plan for your child, I take into account your parenting style, your family as a whole, and your child's unique personality. I design a sleep plan that best suits YOU and your family. In addition...I will be with you every step of the way for support and to ensure success.


Bachelor degree in Child Development (2009)

Certification and training

Certified Sleep Consultant (2020)



Service introduction

All my sleep services (baby & toddler) offer the following: An extensive preliminary sleep evaluation A uniquely customized sleep plan A one hour phone consultation Follow up support throughout sleep training (phone calls & email)

Ratings and reviews
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It is not an easy decision to decide to sleep train your baby. You go through many phases with a new baby and it’s so much to handle emotionally. As soon as I discussed a sleep training plan with Amanda I felt more comfortable and at ease right away, she answered all my questions and concerns leading all the way to the end of training. I appreciated the constant communication and change of method when based on baby’s behavior I had to adjust. We successfully were able to train my daughter to sleep through the night within a few days and had her sleep on her own and it changed the quality of mine and my husbands life dramatically. Post training as we adjusted back to a routine I had a hard time managing work and the new sleep schedule and Amanda was there to provide guidance and support which was a huge help in the transition back to the routine. I am grateful to have worked with Amanda and continue to have a friendship with her as a fellow young mom as I now embark on having baby number 2. Thank you Amanda!

- Payal D.


Amanda helped us sleep train our 8 month old. We were very anxious about it not working but Amanda connected with use often to walk us through the process. My husband and I cave in to our children a lot and so we needed that extra push from Amanda! She helped us problem solve when we felt we needed to pivot and try something different until our baby boy figured it out and put himself to sleep. We highly recommend Amanda to our family and friends.

- Nadia A.


Amanda is amazing. She gives such a personalized service that I would definitely hire her again. I have even reached out to her recently for help with dropping the pacifier and she gave me some advice. I like that she is a phone, email or text away. She does not just hand you a pdf and that is it. I would email/text whenever I had questions throughout our sleep training and she was a blessing. Thank you so so much! Again I highly recommend her.

- Hannah H.


We such a great experience working with Amanda. As new parents we were lost in the idea of "sleep training" and overwhelmed by the information online. Working with Amanda gave us confidence in the approach/method knowing we were teaching our son key tools on how to put himself to bed each night. Our son sleeps 12-13 hours a night and we couldn't be more thrilled (or well rested :))

- Nora C.