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Weatherford, Texas
8 years of experience
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About me

Are you a pregnant or postpartum mama? Are you feeling lost as to what options you have in regards to pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and motherhood journey? Do you wish all that overwhelming information can be condensed into one place and easy to understand? Are you ready to nurture and build up your mom-gut to help you make informed decisions that best serve you and your family? Here you will find the education and tools you need and have been searching for to help you make an informed decision that best fits you and your family's needs and desires. My mission is to educate you on what options are available to you and the fruits of what they can offer so you can be confident and bold in your why as you make decisions as a mother. If you are ready to get clarity to empower your birth and motherhood- you're in the right place! Hey Mama, I am Amanda, I am a wife, truth loving, mama of 4. I have had an unexpected cesarean and 2 successful homebirths. For 3 years I have been advocating, teaching, and rooting for moms in their pregnancy, births, through postpartum and in their motherhood. I was and am a young mom and started off with little to no knowledge on how to have a baby, take care of my baby, what to expect in those seasons of my life, and how to advocate for myself and family. Through education, tools and other wise mothers I was able to know what my mom-gut was leading to me do and I am now able to walk confidently on a path that is best for me and my family, and I am ready to share that with you! If you are ready to learn the power that comes with knowledge that is easy to understand and fully prepares to that results in bringing confidence, reducing fear, and lets your voice be found and heard- This is a place for you! Throw up that hair, hike up those high waisted pants, put the baby in the ergo, and let's start feeding that God give mom-gut!

Certification and training

Cappa (2021)



Service introduction

I help families have clarity to empower their decisions for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and their young years of motherhood through education, private coaching, and resources.

Wildflower Package (deposit $300.00)
* 9 Week private 90 minute sessions Childbirth Education class that is suited for your personal needs and desires. * Childbirth Education Materials. (Via shared google doc) * In-depth information for each trimester. * Support for your goals. * Education and support on personal birth place/choices. * Education and hands-on techniques to equip birth partner and you. * Unlimited hours of availability for any questions and concerns leading up to birth & 6 weeks into  postpartum. * Help in creating a birth plan/birth tool essentials. * Natural remedy recommendations for common prenatal, birth, postpartum, and infant aliments. * Postpartum Check-ins up to 6 Weeks
USD Flat rate
1 Hour Consultation
* Meet and greet. * Briefly go over services and expectations when working with me. * Go over what aspects of each package offer that will benefit your specific situation. * An opportunity for you to express your desires and wishes in your birth.
USD Flat rate
Garden Package (Deposit $400.00)
* Two(2) (your choice days and times) 5hr long Childbirth Education class.  * Childbirth Education Materials. (Via Shared google doc) * Hands on training with birth positions/techniques. * Education and techniques to equip birth partners. * Availability for any questions and concerns after class hours. * Postpartum Check-ins up to 6 Weeks.
USD Flat rate
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Ratings and reviews
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Amanda is amazing at what she does! She knows her stuff. I’m so glad I took her class. I wish I would’ve known a lot of the things she taught me for my first delivery. Honestly she’s the best. If you’re looking for childbirth education, look no more GET AMANDA! I’m forever thankful, I’m already a mom but I learned ssooo much!

- Anilu C.


As a FTM, I had a lot of anxiety about the unknowns of birth. I was recommended birth boot camps and happened to meet Amanda during the time of my search. We chose to go with her course instead of the birth boot camp and it was the best decision we could have made for our family! She was amazing start to finish. During her birth education course, we went over stages from pregnancy, labor and delivery to postpartum. She helped address our specific needs, was always informative, and did a great job teaching and showing us how to apply that knowledge to our specific situations. Now with our newborn, I can say I felt completely knowledgeable during labor and delivery! I would 100% recommend Amanda for any of my family or friends!

- Ariana M.

Frequently asked questions
Do you only teach natural birth?
I don't know where I am having my baby, can you help me with that?
Are you a Doula ?
Do you only teach how to have a natural birth?
Do you have payment plans?
Do you only teach homebirths?
Do I have to have a birth partner in order to attend class?
I am more than 35 weeks, I realized I need education on childbirth, can you help me?
In your packages you say you can meet virtually, how will that look?
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