Amy Huebner
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Geelong, Victoria
7 years of experience
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About me

As a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant, Amy specialises in newborn, infant and young children's sleep. Amy has worked with over 1000 families providing them with the tools, knowledge and support to achieve great sleep for their family. Winning Silver in the 2021 AusMumPreneur Awards in the Health & Well-being category, and getting an Honourable Mention in the 2021 Global Business Mothers Awards in the Women's Champion category, Amy is fast becoming known for her gentle, proven sleep solutions, as well as her successful business acumen. Her high level of client support is highly regarded, and recognition of this is expressed through raving reviews from families she has worked with. Amy is a big advocate of work life balance that allows for achievement in personal success, whilst also keeping a family’s well-being in mind. Helping families sleep well is a major part of this.

Certification and training

Certified Sleep Sense Consultant (2017)

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Service introduction

Unlike other sleep consultancies, Hushabye Baby takes a holistic approach when working with families. The Hushabye Baby program takes into account child age; health and weight; milk and food intake; history and type of sleep struggles; sleep environment; sleepwear; family dynamics; and parent sensitivities. I teach families how to provide support to children learning the skill of independent sleep and develop a family routine that promotes great sleep for the whole family. In addition to tailored sleep support, the provision of ongoing sleep education is provided to ensure great sleep stays on track is an important element of the Hushabye Baby program. In 2021 Amy Huebner, the founder of Hushabye Baby, was awarded the Silver in the Ausmumpreneur 2021 People’s Choice Award for ‘Making a Difference’ within the Health & Well-being sector, as well as receiving an honourable mention in the Global Women’s Champion Award. In 2022, Amy was a finalist in the Children’s Services category for both the Australian Small Business Champion Awards and the Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards. In 2023, Hushabye Baby is again a finalist for the Australian Small Business Champion Awards in the Health Improvement Services Sector. We are very passionate at Hushabye Baby to ensure all families get the sleep they need and deserve.

Newborn Package (0-11 weeks of age)
Package inclusions: - A comprehensive easy to read, step by step Newborn Guide that covers newborn sleep strategies; schedules; sleep expectations; routines; settling techniques; nap-times; night wakings; nursery set up; and what to expect for the future. This guide is a GAME CHANGER when it comes to setting your baby up to become a great sleeper - A 30min support call or a consult (video or in-home) to discuss any issues and to check on progress - Wrap up email that covers sleep changes going forward and how best to deal with them. Price noted is the standard package (includes 30min support call).
AUD Flat rate
Hushabye Package (3 months to 2 1/2 years of age)
Hushabye Package inclusions: - A full sleep evaluation; A detailed, step by step Sleep Plan for your child with supporting resources; Pre-consult video for preparation; a private consult where we will discuss the sleep plan; the set up for Night 1 including a nursery analysis; bedtime routine; settling techniques; night wakings; and nap routines. We discuss our overall strategy any other specific issues you may be dealing with; 14 Day online sleep log (in real time) reviewed and discussed daily; four support calls; a wrap up packet detailing future sleep changes and how to deal with them. In-home Bedtime support available on Night 1 (in Geelong region). Price noted is for package with a Zoom Consult. Extra $200 applies for an in-home consult. Cost for Bedtime Support package is $947
AUD Flat rate
Little Ones Package (2 1/2 to 5 years of age)
Little Ones Package inclusions: A full sleep evaluation; a detailed, step by step Sleep Plan for your child, with supporting resources; Pre-consult exercise; Private consult where we will discuss your child’s sleep plan including sleep environment; settling techniques; bedtime routine; night wakings; troubleshoot possible problems; and discuss any other specific issues you might be dealing with; 21 Day online sleep log (in real time) reviewed and discussed daily; Four support calls. Price noted is the Little Ones Package with a Zoom consult. Extra $200 applies for an in-home consult.
AUD Flat rate
Ratings and reviews
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Amy is a miracle worker! The reason my husband and I still have hair!! We have enlisted her help many times throughout our 3-year old’s life ranging from a simple question to enrolling into one of the sleep programs and every time Amy has been amazing. We sent out the SOS to Amy again last week to help us with our daughter’s sleep as the bedtime battles had begun once more and Amy suggested a few things to try and the difference that first night was incredible – she was in her bed asleep within 15 minutes! She is now going to bed and sleeping great again and on the nights she decides to challenge us – we know how to deal with it calmly. We also enlisted Amy’s help with our, then, 4-month-old who would only nap if I was holding him and sleep at night in the bed with me! And while he didn’t make it easy on her (presented a few issues which required medical assistance), Amy went above and beyond for him – her experience and knowledge of her profession is second to none plus the other recommendations she made to assist my baby were invaluable. He is now, at 12 months old, sleeping through the night and napping beautifully. In addition to all of this, Amy is warm, funny, friendly and very easy to get along with and let into your life – she becomes like family! Amy is a calming influence at what can be a hard and stressful time and she is with you every step of the way. You don’t realise how tired you actually are until your child starts sleeping well (which means you do too!!). I would not hesitate in recommending Amy and Hushabye Baby to anyone that requires assistance with their children’s sleep. 11 out of 10 stars

- Kate G.