Andrea Rudy
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Childbirth Educator
Fort Collins, Colorado
2 years of experience
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About me

My name is Andrea Rudy, and I am so pleased to introduce Sapling Birth, a childbirth education and support community in Fort Collins, Colorado. I offer customized childbirth classes through Birth Boot Camp's®️ top notch, evidence based curriculum. My services include: - Education through virtual, private classes and in-person, group classes - Ongoing one-on-one support - Resources and referrals within the Northern Colorado community I am passionate about sharing truth, and I believe every mother deserves the opportunity to experience a peaceful, physiological birth - in any environment. Through balanced, high quality education and Biblically-based values, I’m thrilled to walk alongside you and your family during this transformational season of life. Go to to see what classes I’m currently offering and what’s included in each.

Certification and training

Childbirth Instructor, BBCI (2022)

Memberships and affiliations

Birth Boot Camp



Service introduction

Hi, I’m Andrea! I offer virtual, private childbirth classes, customized to your preferred birthing location and ranging from 5-10 weeks long. Classes include access to online course videos as well as a weekly, virtual one-on-one meeting with me. My classes focus on preparation for both mom and dad so they can work together as a team to achieve their goals and have a beautiful birth! No matter what your preferences and desires are, I am here to walk alongside you. To see exactly what’s included as well as the topics we’ll cover in each class, go to!

Comprehensive Childbirth Class
The most thorough, informative childbirth class out there, the 10 week comprehensive course will prepare you physically, mentally and emotionally for the transformational experience of birth. What do you want your birth to look like? Let's get you the knowledge and the tools you need to reach your goals!
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Hospital Childbirth Class
Planning to give birth in a hospital? This 6 week hospital course will prepare you on every level. We will focus on hospital-specific topics such as procedures, options in medical care, questions to ask your provider, and how birth works. I'll help guide you through creating a custom birth plan, researching the options that are important to you, and giving you the tools you'll need to experience a beautiful hospital birth.
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Home & Birth Center Childbirth Class
This 5 week childbirth course is perfect for the couple planning to give birth at home or at a birth center. We'll cover everything you need to know about natural birth, what to expect from your care provider, and the physiology of birth. Want to find out more about the research and safety of an out-of-hospital birth, or what to expect in case of transfer? We've got the information you need.
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Ratings and reviews
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Andrea was wonderful to work with! We loved taking her class and felt like it really set us up for success. We loved all the resources that were given to us and that she has been available for all of our questions. I highly recommend any of her classes and just love her as a person!

- Becca B.


I would strongly recommend Andrea and her classes! She is very trustworthy and has a calming presence. I was aiming for a natural birth and was very nervous about it. She video called and texted me whenever I needed help. She help me how to do the relaxation during the contractions and told me what to expect during the labor. She always listens and has been a great help. Her gentleness still inspires me when I am raising my baby.

- Dandan P.