Angela Leon Ramos
Long Beach, California
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About me

Hi I'm Midwife Angela! I'm a first generation Mexican-American bilingual Midwife serving Long Beach/LA County and some Orange County areas! Please feel free to reach out with any questions! I've been licensed since July 2019 and in birth work since February 2010.


Associates Degree in Midwifery (2019)

Dual Bachelors in Criminal Justice and Human Services (2008)

Certified Lactation Educator (2019)

Certification and training

Licensed Midwife (2019)

Certified Professional Midwife (2019)

Memberships and affiliations

North American Registry of Midwives

California Association of Licensed Midwives

Birth Doula Birth Trauma Breastfeeding Support Childbirth Education Evidence-Based Care Gynecology Home Birth Midwife Support Natural Birth Natural Childbirth Neonatal Resuscitation Program Newborn Exam Newborn Screening Placenta Encapsulation Postpartum Care Prenatal Care Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Testing and Treatment Support during Labor, Birth, and Postpartum Teen Counseling Telehealth Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) Water birth

English, Spanish

Service introduction

I can refer you to two billing companies and they can check if your insurance can cover midwifery care. Please check out my website for more information about services. Thank you!

Ratings and reviews
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First and foremost, thank you Angela! Literally could not have done it without her. Blessed to be fortunate enough to acquire her services. From the beginning of our journey, she made everything feel so natural and comfortable which was key for my birth plan and in general. Being it was my first birth, and a home birth at that, I was nervous and scared.. I didn’t think prenatal visits were meant to be enjoyable until we found her. I always looked forward to our appointments. She never made me feel like I was just another client. She is so thorough and made things easy to understand. Always answered all my questions with ease. Very professional and warm. The perfect balance. She became my support and my friend. Also, as a fellow Latina, she has all my support and I’m proud to call her my midwife/friend. Can’t wait to have my second baby just to have her back!

- Daniella E.


Pregnancy and birth is an exciting and truly unpredictable venture. When my husband and I found out I was pregnant, it was important to us to build a birth team that was not only experienced, but culturally sensitive, understanding and respectful of our wishes. After our initial call with Angela, we decided to trust her with our birthing experience – and we're so thankful we did. Being pregnant during the pandemic was difficult but Angela's prenatal home visits always made us feel at ease. Angela made sure to answer all of our questions, made sure we understood our choices and rights as a birthing couple, and was there to guide us through the whole home birth process. Angela was always very respectful of our wishes and made sure that I/we were comfortable with every course of action before proceeding. During labor, she remained attentive and a calming force in the room, making us feel at ease and ready to meet to our baby! I can't thank her enough for helping to ensure our birth went as smoothly as possible and ensuring mine and baby's safety at all times. Would highly recommend Angela as a midwife to anyone who is eligible for home birth. Plus she has a great sense of humor :)

- Alexa O.


I have nothing but AMAZING things to say about Angela. From the very get-go, Angela was reassuring, motivating, empowering and so funny! Every appointment was so positive and exciting. Angela was so knowledgeable and helpful with everything that I experienced during my pregnancy. She never let me feel like my fears and doubts were invalidated. She showed understanding and was quick to pull me out of whatever doubts I was feeling about myself. Although pregnancy is an extremely intimate experience for mom and partners, my partner felt very comfortable having her support while he supported me. She respected every bit of our journey. During labor her support, knowledge and quick thinking led to a safe and happy delivery. I would choose Angela 10 more times if I was crazy enough to do this 10 more times. Plain and simple, Angela is the bomb.

- danielle s.