Arielle Rechner

Birth Doula
Edmonton, Alberta
About me

As your Birth Doula my goal for you & your family is to ensure an empowering, positive & satisfying birth experience. I am here to respect & support your choices & decisions. While providing evidence based information at your finger tips.

Certification and training

DONA Childbirth education/training (2019)

Birth Doula (2022)

Memberships and affiliations

Doula Association of Edmonton

Doula Association of Alberta

Birth Doula Birth Support Breastfeeding Assistance and Support Evidence-Based Care Home Birth Labor Doula Natural Birth Pain Management Support during Labor, Birth, and Postpartum Support in Pregnancy Loss Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) Water birth


Service introduction

Here’s a few ways I support my clients as a Labor Doula: ✨provide emotional support ✨provide physical support ✨provide verbal support ✨provide birth partner support ✨help prepare clients for birth & postpartum ✨provide evidence based information ✨help educate clients on the options they have during pregnancy and birth ✨provide consistent support during pregnancy & during birth ✨on call 24/7 for any questions, support & more support during their pregnancy & postpartum ✨advocate for clients ✨provide them with information on pain management & comfort measures ✨help clients research, providing resources ✨respect & support my clients in their choices & decisions. It’s their voice that matters! ✨validate, care, & affirm for my clients

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