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Silver Lake, Kansas
10 years of experience
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Motherhood is beautiful but it’s not easy. Maybe you’re a new momma; holding a baby, wondering why you don’t feel “happy” yet. You keep hearing how "lucky" you are, but you feel inadequate, overwhelmed, and you're trying to survive without sleep. You had expectations about labor and birth; nothing went to plan and you feel this loss. Maybe you're pregnant; filled with hormones, fear, and anxiety about the transition you’re in. You're worried how you'll handle things. Maybe your a woman who despite parenting fears and stressors is struggling to get pregnant; you're angry, questioning everything, and maybe you're even blaming yourself. You are not alone! Trauma and transitions can create feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, resentment, guilt, shame, worthlessness, & countless others. But this doesn't have to be your "new normal". You're a good woman. You're worthy of help & support because you deserve to feel connected again; to your child, to your family, to a group, even to yourself. YOU MATTER! You deserve a safe place to say exactly how you feel, without fear of judgement or someone thinking it's crazy. The truth is, you're doing a beautiful job figuring out some heavy shit. Stop thinking you can't ask for help! And yeah sure, no one thinks they have time for therapy, but if not now, when? Email me now and let's start prioritizing you.

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