Aubrey Wenger
Birth & Postpartum Doula
Williams Bay, Wisconsin
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About me

Aubrey is a wife and mother. Having first hand experienced the benefit of having a doula, she believes a doula is an asset to every birth team. Her approach benefits first-time moms by preparing them to learn their strengths and realize desires, and help seasoned moms improve upon their past birth experiences, she encourages her clients with a family-centered approach that is inclusive of husbands and all members of the birth team.

Certification and training

Certified Birth Doula, New Beginnings (2021)

Certified Doula, Well-Rounded Maternity Services (2021)

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Service introduction

Birth Support Packages, Packages including basic photography, birth planning consultations, private in-home childbirth education classes.

Complete Birth Package
​Includes: -1 or 2 prenatal meetings (at your location, 2nd meeting considered a childbirth education and general birth planning discussion) -On-Call beginning at 38 weeks -Talk, text and email support from time of hire through 6 weeks postpartum -Labor Support once active labor established -Support 1-2 hours after the birth -One, postpartum visit within the first week following birth
USD Flat rate
Prenatal Prep
One-time, private, prenatal meeting for you and chosen birth partner at your location Covering: Introduction to Labor Positions, Natural and Easy Comfort Techniques, Q&A Discussion, general birth planning discussion. 2-3 hours in duration
USD Flat rate
Frequently asked questions
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If I only opt for 1 prenatal meeting will my price change?
Do you take late term clients?
I want photos taken of labor and birth, how does that work?