Becka Payne
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Sleep Coach
Windsor, Colorado
3 years of experience
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About me

Becka is a pediatric sleep consultant based in Northern Colorado who loves supporting exhausted Colorado families and parents all over the world to teach their little ones to sleep so everyone in the family gets the rest they need. She creates customized sleep plans for her clients, and accompanies them through the sleep teaching process so families reach their sleep goals as quickly as possible.


Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (2009)

Bachelor of Science in Human Development & Family Studies (2009)

Certification and training

Certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist (2021)

Baby and Toddler Sleep Coach Infant Care Parenting Support Sleep Consultant Toddlers


Service introduction

I create customized sleep packages for newborns - 12 year olds and offer one-on-one support during plan implementation.

Ratings and reviews
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Our four month old was running us ragged. We all dreaded naps and bedtime. I knew it would consist of him screaming, me not knowing how to fix it, and ultimately me spending the night in his room. I missed my bed. We started working with Becka and instantly I felt better. I finally felt like we had a plan that didn’t involve leaving my toddler unattended while I tried to get my baby to sleep. We were challenged with 4 month shots but Becka stuck with us and helped us through. We now have a baby who can put himself to sleep for naps and bedtime; something that seemed so out of reach just a few weeks ago. We felt completely supported every step of the way. I never felt stupid for asking a question or for clarification. I’m back in my bed and we don’t dread naps and bedtime anyone. This was worth every penny and I highly recommend to anyone with a little one on the way or anyone struggle with sleep!

- Elizabeth Z.


Hiring Becka was one of the best decisions we have made for our family. Our baby is now able to fall asleep on her own and is taking longer naps! It has truly been life changing. Becka is super attentive, caring and helpful throughout the whole process. I can't recommend her enough!

- Suzanne S.


Beyond happy with the experience we received with Becka! I was very hesitant at first because I felt like I had done everything and nothing was working to help my son sleep!! The plan that Becka drew up was so easy to follow and she did such a wonderful job of adjusting things as we progressed to help us get the most out of the experience!! We cannot say enough wonderful things about her and the experience we highly recommend her to any parents who are having sleepless nights! I really never thought we would get my son to sleep better and now he sleeps through the night and I feel like I have gained so much knowledge as well from this experience.

- Marissa M.


So grateful for the incredible sleeper teacher, Becka Payne! Becka helped us achieve our sleep goal of teaching our, then 6-month-old, Jordynn to fall asleep independently for naps and bedtime in her own room!! 🙌🏾 To any parent who is struggling with sleep with an infant or toddler, I strongly recommend working with Becka! In two weeks or less - your sleep goal(s) will be achieved! We can’t thank her enough!

- Jaimee F.


Simply put, Becka's expertise changed our lives! Before working with her, our little guy had no sleep schedule whatsoever, would fight naps and have to be nursed to sleep. After just 2 weeks, he is getting the sleep he needs independently and has become such a happy, well-rested baby! It turns out he liked sleep all along, he just didn't know how to do it. There's no way we could've done this without Becka's constant support and knowledge. She customized the plan perfectly for our little one and knew exactly what changes to make when they were needed. Becka was always available to answer our questions through the process and never made us feel like we were alone in making decisions. She encouraged us through the entire experience and made our goals and expectations achievable when we thought sleep was never going to happen again in our house. If I could put a billboard outside my house to advertise for Becka, I would. Thank you for everything!!

- Catherine H.


I called Becka with Sleeper Teachers when we were completely overwhelmed and stressed out over our 7 year old's sleep issues. Not only did he wake frequently through the night, but he also had a strong attachment to me and needed me to help him fall asleep. Additionally, he was suffering from nightmares and found going to sleep stressful in anticipation of having a nightmare. Working with Becka was amazing! My husband and I felt truly heard when we explained our issues and were so happy to know that what we weren't doomed! She was confident and comfortable with our strategy to get our kiddo to sleep without anxiety, and I appreciated that she was there, holding my hand during the program. I truly enjoyed talking with her, and even on some of the mornings where I was under-slept and emotional, she did an amazing job to support me as well. I LOVED the pep talks! I highly recommend working with her, it has made a huge different in my child. He sleeps all night, doesn't stress out before bed, and now we are finally able to sleep comfortably without worrying about whether he is going to get up early or not. Give her a call.

- Cheryl K.


Becka was there for me every step of the way! She was quick to respond to my questions and needs. I highly recommend her! After co-sleeping for 14 months Becka helped me get my baby into her crib for 1.5-2 hr naps and 11-12 hours of solid sleep at night! I can definitely tell my daughter is getting restful sleep and so is mama!!! Sleeper teachers changed our life and I am so thankful for this team! Thank you for everything!

- Danielle M.


Becka has been so helpful! After working with her my baby who had been waking 1-3 times a night is now sleeping through the night. Woohoo! Becka has great advice and techniques. Highly recommend!

- Kate H.


Becka was such a huge support and educator during our time with Sleeper Teachers. We honestly didn't even know where to start with getting Oliver to sleep off a human and in his own space. From the moment I talked with her for our free consult, I knew that we had found the appropriate support. She was so validating with my hesitations and encouraged us to see Oliver's potential in becoming an independent sleeper. We went from co-sleeping for every nap and overnight to him sleeping in his crib within 2 weeks. We get to walk away from our experience with Becka knowing that we provided our son with a healthy sleep foundation for life. I would highly recommend making the same commitment for your child, I assure you that you will be in good hands with Becka :)

- Jaime D.


My baby is sleeping!! Not waking up every two hours to nurse! Miracles do happen! My life has been changed since talking to Becka Payne, one of the Sleeper Teachers. She is so knowledgeable and pays attention to the fine details that have helped my baby finally sleep. I felt like I tried everything before talking to Becka -- but I hadn't tried Sleeper Teachers. I've been fortified with information, tips and encouragement. And that is all priceless when it comes to getting the family to sleep!

- Heidi H.