Best Labor and Delivery Hospitals in Kansas City (With Reviews)

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Here are detailed reviews of the top labor and delivery hospitals in Kansas City, incorporating information about their facilities, services, and special programs:

  1. University Health Women's Care Lakewood Family Birthplace
    • Review: This facility is well-regarded for its Level II NICU and has earned recognition for ensuring safe sleep practices with the Cribs for Kids Safe Sleep Certification. The hospital provides a direct indoor bridge to Children's Mercy Hospital, facilitating quick access to critical care if needed. The environment is described as supportive and well-equipped to handle a variety of birthing needs.
  2. North Kansas City Hospital
    • Review: Known for its comprehensive maternity care, North Kansas City Hospital focuses on preparing families for childbirth and the postpartum period with confidence. Although specific NICU level information isn't readily available, the hospital's emphasis on patient education and support stands out. The staff is noted for being caring and responsive, making it a preferred choice for many expecting families.
  3. Saint Luke’s North Hospital Maternity Center
    • Review: With a Level II NICU and designations such as Missouri "Show Me 5" and a Baby-Friendly® hospital, Saint Luke’s provides a high standard of care. The facility offers private rooms, virtual tours, and strong breastfeeding support by certified lactation consultants. Reviews often highlight the hospital's modern facilities and the personal, attentive care provided by the staff.