Can Bornbir be a revolutionary app for Doulas? AMA with Doulas on Facebook

Pregnancy and Postpartum Care for Everyone

Last week, our team did an AMA (ask me anything) on Facebook in a Doula group with more than 20,000 members (the actual number of active members might be low). We really appreciate their participation and took their suggestions seriously and would like to use this blog to address their comments and organize their feedback that collectively shape up our product roadmap in the next few weeks and months.

Referral Programs. We will start with Jarriel's comment. She provided six great suggestions. Very thorough and well thought out. We are certain that providers may have noticed that we consistently roll out new updates to their provider portal every single week, as we are dedicated to this continuous improvement. Taking a closer look at our feature roadmap, it appears that #6 Jarriel proposed will be the first feature delivered to all providers in the next sprint (a term we use in tech to keep track of our progress). This enhancement will allow Doulas to refer their colleagues or other perinatal providers (e.g., pelvic floor PTs, chiropractors, IBCLCs) and receive benefits (including free membership and monetary compensations) as well as recognitions. Thank you, Jarriel again for your valuable input!!!

Conversation Rate. We will switch to Rachelle's comment, who pointed out the core function of Bornbir. How can Bornbir bring me clients? Yes, I got a handful of leads. How can I convert them to a paid client? That's the area that we will address for each doula on Bornbir regardless they just enjoy a free exposure and high quality backlinks through Bornbir or they are paid doulas who decided to give Bornbir a try to elevate their doula businesses to the next level.

First, where do we get those doula clients at the first place?