Bornbir's Apology and Next Steps

Pregnancy and Postpartum Care for Everyone

Dear Reddit Community Members,

We are reaching out to extend our most sincere apologies for the recent issues involving our reservation of multiple Baby Bump subreddit names and the publication of a blog post entitled "The Darkside of Bump Groups on Reddit" on our website. In light of this incident, we acknowledge the significance of Bump Group names as valuable resources for expecting and new parents on Reddit. We recognize the importance of ensuring that these groups are managed by voluntary parent-led communities rather than by Bornbir.

Moving forward, our team will take immediate action to transfer ownership of all Bump Group names back to the Reddit community and provide an update upon completion. If you have any suggestions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at

March 5, 2024 Updates

The following subreddits have been successfully transferred to u/BumpGroupsUnited as requested by r/BabyBumps.

  • r/March2025Bumpers
  • r/April 2025Bumpers
  • r/May2025Bumpers
  • r/October2025Bumpers
  • r/November2025Bumpers
  • r/December2025Bumpers

As for r/Janunary2025Bumper, the subreddit is under account u/Bornbir which has been suspended on March 5, 2024, so it can not be transferred at this point. We will continue updating this page.