Does Cigna Cover Pelvic Floor Therapy? (2024 Updates)

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Cigna often covers pelvic floor physical therapy, but coverage can vary based on your specific insurance plan and the reasons for therapy. Here are some key points to consider when checking if your Cigna plan covers pelvic floor therapy:

  1. Plan Specifics: Coverage details can differ significantly between plans. Some plans might fully cover pelvic floor therapy, while others could require a copayment or have limitations on the number of sessions. How to Find Pelvic Floor PT Approved by Cigna?
  2. Medical Necessity: Coverage usually depends on whether the therapy is deemed medically necessary. A physician’s referral or prescription for pelvic floor therapy can help in establishing its medical necessity. For example, people has asked "Can You Go To Pelvic Floor PT While Pregnant?"
  3. Pre-Authorization: Some insurance plans require pre-authorization for physical therapy. This means your healthcare provider needs to submit documentation to Cigna explaining why the therapy is necessary before you start treatment.
  4. Network Providers: Using a physical therapist who is within Cigna’s network typically ensures better coverage than going to one outside the network. Out-of-network services may result in higher out-of-pocket costs.
  5. Deductibles and Copays: Be aware of any deductibles that must be met before your insurance begins to pay, as well as any copays or coinsurance you might be responsible for at each therapy session.

To get the most accurate information, you can:

  • Check your benefits details through Cigna’s website or mobile app.
  • Call Cigna’s customer service number listed on your insurance card to inquire directly about coverage for pelvic floor therapy.
  • Discuss with your healthcare provider about obtaining pre-authorization if necessary.

These steps will help you understand the coverage specifics and any required procedures to access pelvic floor therapy under your Cigna plan.

How to Find Pelvic Floor PT with Cigna?

Match with top-rated Pelvic Floor PTs near you who are approved by Cigna and have experiences working with it: Cigna Pelvic Floor PT