Does Cigna Cover Lactation Consultant? How to Find One?

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Yes, Cigna does cover lactation consultant services under many of its insurance plans. This coverage includes assistance from lactation consultants who can help with various breastfeeding issues such as proper latching, managing pain, and increasing milk supply.

To find a lactation consultant covered by Cigna, you can use several approaches:

  1. Check Cigna's Network: You can search for in-network lactation consultants directly through Cigna's online directory or by contacting Cigna customer service for assistance. This ensures the services are covered under your specific health plan.
  2. Use Lactation Network Services: Some lactation services, like those offered through Bornbir, explicitly state that they accept Cigna insurance. This network can help you find a consultant and also manage the pre-authorization and billing process for insurance coverage.
  3. Contact Consultants Directly: Many lactation consultants will indicate on their websites or during consultations whether they accept Cigna insurance. For example, services like Empowered Lactation and others often list the insurance plans they work with, including Cigna.

Make sure to check if pre-authorization is required for these services under your plan, as this is a common requirement for insurance coverage of specialized services.

Does Cigna Cover Lactation Consultant? How to Find One?

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