How to Find Doulas Near me Accepting BadgerCare in 2024?

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To find a doula who accepts BadgerCare, Wisconsin's Medicaid program, follow these steps tailored for BadgerCare recipients:

  1. Check the BadgerCare Plus Provider Directory: BadgerCare Plus offers an online provider directory. Use this tool to search for healthcare professionals, including doulas, who accept BadgerCare. Visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website and navigate to the BadgerCare Plus section to use the search function and find providers in your area.
  2. Search Doula Databases: Some websites and organizations, like Bornbir, DONA International or the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), allow you to search for doulas by location and services. While not specific to BadgerCare, you can compile a list of doulas and then verify their acceptance of BadgerCare individually.
  3. Contact the BadgerCare Helpline: If you encounter difficulties finding a doula online or need more personalized assistance, call the BadgerCare Helpline. The representatives can help you understand your coverage and may be able to provide a list of doulas or maternity care services accepting BadgerCare. The helpline number and additional contact information can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website.
  4. Consult Your Healthcare Provider: Speak with your primary care provider or the healthcare facility where you plan to deliver. They often have connections or can refer you to doulas experienced with BadgerCare patients.
  5. Engage with Local Doula Organizations: Many cities or regions have doula collectives or organizations that can provide information on doulas familiar with or accepting BadgerCare. These groups often have websites or social media pages where they list their services and insurance affiliations.
  6. Use Social Media and Community Groups: Join Wisconsin-based parenting groups, maternity networks, or BadgerCare community groups on social media platforms. These groups can be excellent resources for recommendations and personal experiences with doulas who accept BadgerCare.

Remember, it's essential to directly confirm with both the doula and BadgerCare Plus to ensure that the doula accepts BadgerCare insurance and to understand the specifics of your coverage. Insurance acceptance and coverage details can vary, so clear communication is crucial to avoid unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.

How to Find Doulas Near me Accepting BadgerCare in 2024?

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