What is a Doula in the Bible? From Christian Doulas

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In ancient times, especially during the periods described in the Bible, childbirth was typically managed within the community and often involved the assistance of experienced women. These women would offer support, guidance, and practical help to mothers before, during, and after childbirth.

  • Midwives were among the most common birth attendants in ancient societies, including those mentioned in the Bible. Midwives were skilled in assisting women through labor and delivery, providing comfort measures, and ensuring the safety of both mother and child.
  • In addition to midwives, female relatives and other women in the community often played roles in supporting mothers during childbirth. They would offer emotional support, practical assistance, and sometimes even serve as advocates for the mother's needs and preferences.
  • While the term "doula" is a modern one and doesn't appear in the Bible, the concept of providing compassionate, knowledgeable support to mothers during childbirth aligns with the historical practices and roles of women in ancient communities, including those described in biblical narratives.