Is a Doula Considered a Medi-Cal Expense? (2024 Updates)

Pregnancy and Postpartum Care for Everyone

In California, doula services are considered a covered benefit under Medi-Cal. This means that Medi-Cal recipients can access doula services, and doulas can be reimbursed for providing prenatal, childbirth, and postpartum support. The inclusion of doula services in Medi-Cal aims to improve maternal and infant health outcomes, recognizing the valuable support doulas provide during and after pregnancy.

To find a doula who accepts Medi-Cal in California, you can follow these steps:

  1. Contact Medi-Cal Directly: You can start by contacting your Medi-Cal managed care plan directly. They should have a list of approved doulas or can guide you on how to find one within their network.
  2. Local Health Departments: Check with your local county health department. They often have resources or can direct you to local programs that offer doula services covered by Medi-Cal.
  3. Match with Medi-Cal Approved Doulas: Known as the "Airbnb" of doula support, simply answer a few questions on Bornbir, and match with 4,000+ local doulas who are Medicaid-approved in 30 seconds. It's a FREE service.