What is the App that Finds Doulas? (2024 Updates)

Pregnancy and Postpartum Care for Everyone

Bornbir has established itself as a pivotal platform for parents seeking doula services by offering a direct and efficient way to find both birth and postpartum doulas. Here's a brief overview of how Bornbir facilitates the connection between parents and doulas:

  1. Personalized Matching: Parents can specify their doula needs by answering a few quick questions about their due date, birth plan, location, budget, and more. This allows Bornbir to match them with certified doulas from their extensive database of over 4,000 professionals.
  2. Seamless Communication: Once matched, parents can start messaging with doulas to compare options and schedule consultations, ensuring they find the right fit for their needs.
  3. Extensive Network and Reviews: Bornbir boasts a vast network of doulas and provides access to reviews from fellow parents, helping to make well-informed decisions.
  4. Accessibility and Affordability: The service is entirely free for new and expecting parents to use, emphasizing Bornbir's goal of making doula services accessible to a wider audience.
  5. Provider Support: For doulas and other maternal health providers, Bornbir offers a platform to create a free profile, match with parents, and make connections. It also provides flexible pricing options for those looking to maximize their visibility and client connections, including a monthly premium plan and a cost-effective yearly premium option.
Bornbir distinguishes itself from other doula-finding platforms by allowing users to proactively browse through leads from parents actively seeking support, offering a direct way to reach out via message, call, or text. This proactive approach, coupled with its commitment to user privacy and a wide range of services, makes Bornbir a comprehensive resource for expecting parents and doulas alike.