How Much Do Doulas Make in 2024?

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The income of doulas in the United States can vary based on factors such as location, experience, and the demand for doula services in a particular area. Generally, urban areas with higher living costs and a higher demand for doula services may offer higher salaries. However, it's important to note that doula income is not only influenced by location but also by the doula's individual business practices, client base, and reputation.

1. How much do doulas make a year?

The annual income of doulas fluctuates based on their work frequency. On average, doulas in the United States make between $40,000 and $50,000 per year. However, factors like certification, experience, and location can result in significantly higher earnings. Experienced doulas in major cities may even earn over $100,000 annually.

2. How much do birth doulas make a year?

For birth doulas, annual earnings depend on the per-birth charge and the number of births assisted. For instance, charging $1,000 per birth and assisting two births monthly yields $24,000 per year part-time, while charging $1,500 per birth and assisting four births monthly results in a $72,000 yearly income for full-time work. It's crucial to consider that birth doulas also provide services during pregnancy and labor preparation, contributing to overall compensation.

3. How much does a postpartum doula make a year?

Postpartum doulas, who commonly charge hourly, can earn over $90,000 annually if working full time at a standard rate (e.g., $45 per hour). Annual salaries may vary based on factors like working hours, location, and certifications, as is common with hourly positions.

If you're interested in finding specific information about doula income in different regions, you may consider reaching out to doula organizations, professional networks, or conducting surveys within the doula community. Additionally, networking with experienced doulas in specific regions can provide valuable insights into the local market and potential earning opportunities. Keep in mind that doula income can also be influenced by the specific services offered, such as birth doula support, postpartum doula support, or a combination of both.