How to Find Lactation Consultants Accepting Kaiser in 2024?

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Finding a lactation consultant who accepts Kaiser Permanente insurance involves several steps. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Review Your Kaiser Permanente Plan: Start by understanding what your specific Kaiser plan covers regarding lactation consulting services. You can check this information through your online Kaiser member portal or by calling Kaiser's customer service.
  2. Match with Lactation Consultants Near Your Zip Code: Bornbir offers a tool to find lactation consultants in the US and Canada. You can search by location and other criteria. After finding potential consultants, you’ll need to verify if they accept Aetna insurance either by checking their website or directly contacting them.
  3. Contact Your Primary Care Physician or Obstetrician: Your primary care provider or obstetrician can refer you to in-network lactation consultants. Since they are within the Kaiser system, these referrals will automatically be to providers who accept your insurance.
  4. Match with Kaiser-Approved Lactation Consultant: If you have a Kaiser hospital or clinic nearby, you can contact them directly. Many Kaiser facilities have lactation consultants on staff, particularly in their maternity or pediatric departments.
  5. Kaiser Classes and Workshops: Kaiser Permanente often offers prenatal and postnatal classes, including those focused on breastfeeding and lactation. These classes are usually conducted by certified lactation consultants. Participation in these classes can also provide you with direct access to consultants.

Using these resources provided directly by Kaiser ensures that the services are covered under your health plan, minimizing any out-of-pocket expenses. Always make sure to double-check coverage and appointment availability directly with the consultant or the facility.