How to Find Doulas Who Accepts Medicaid in Oregon?

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Finding doulas who accept Medicaid in Oregon can be done through several methods:

  1. Medicaid Provider Directory: Start by checking the Medicaid Doula Directory. This directory should list healthcare providers, including doulas, who accept Medicaid in the state.
  2. Doula Organizations: Contact doula organizations or associations in Oregon. They may have a list of doulas who accept Medicaid or be able to direct you to resources where you can find Medicaid-accepting doulas.
  3. Online Directories: Use online search engines and directories that specialize in healthcare providers who accept Medicaid. Websites like Bornbir may have directories where you can filter for doulas who accept Medicaid.
  4. Community Health Centers: Reach out to community health centers or clinics in your area. They may have information on doulas who accept Medicaid or may be able to refer you to resources.
  5. Local Hospitals or Birth Centers: Contact local hospitals or birth centers and inquire if they have any recommendations or resources for finding doulas who accept Medicaid.
  6. Social Media and Online Forums: Consider joining local parenting groups on social media platforms or online forums. Members of these groups may have recommendations or firsthand experiences with doulas who accept Medicaid in Oregon.
  7. Medicaid Case Worker: If you're already enrolled in Medicaid, your Medicaid case worker may be able to provide you with a list of doulas who accept Medicaid or assist you in finding one.
  8. Word of Mouth: Ask friends, family members, or acquaintances who have used doula services in the past if they know of any doulas who accept Medicaid or if they can recommend someone.

By utilizing these methods, you can hopefully find a doula in Oregon who accepts Medicaid and can provide the support you're seeking during pregnancy and childbirth.

How to Find Doulas Who Accepts Medicaid in Oregon?

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