Newborn Care Specialist Salary in Dallas, TX (2024 Updates)

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The salary of a newborn care specialist in Dallas, TX, varies based on experience and the specific responsibilities of the position. As of April 2024, the median annual salary for a newborn care specialist in Dallas is about $52,450, which translates to approximately $25.22 per hour (Bornbir Research, 2024). This is slightly higher than the median annual salary across the United States, which is around $49,350 or $23.73 per hour (Bornbir Research, 2024).

Newborn care specialists, often referred to as Baby Nurses, are involved in various responsibilities, including feeding guidance, sleep training, monitoring developmental milestones, and educating parents on infant care. They typically work unconventional hours, often including night shifts to accommodate the needs of the family and the newborn (Bornbir Research, 2024).