How Much Are Night Nannies in Austin, Texas? (2024 Updates)

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In Austin, TX, the cost for hiring a night nanny ranges between $25 to $40 per hour. If you're considering professional services, such as Newborn Care Specialists or Overnight Newborn Nannies, the fees can vary between $35 to $45 per hour, depending on the level of expertise and whether you require care for multiples, such as twins (Bornbir Research, 2024).

These services often require a minimum commitment of several nights per week, typically for a duration of at least four weeks. Additionally, there are placement fees and sometimes a membership fee involved when you go through an agency. For example, some agencies charge a membership fee of around $200 plus weekly placement fees that range from $150 to $200 based on the number of nights per week the night nanny works (Bornbir Research, 2024).

For a more specific quote tailored to your needs, it's a good idea to contact local agencies directly, as they can provide detailed information and help match you with a caregiver that fits your family's requirements.