How Much Does a Midwife Cost in Oregon?

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The cost of hiring a midwife in Oregon can vary widely. Typically, you might expect to pay between $2,000 and $9,000, depending on the services included and whether the birth is attended at home, in a birthing center, or in a hospital setting. Most comprehensive packages cover prenatal, birth, postpartum, and newborn care. Additional fees may apply for lab tests and birthing supplies, and some midwives offer services such as ultrasound, lactation support, and postpartum visits.

Breakdown of Midwife Costs

Midwife Birth Cost: The cost of midwife birth services often includes labor and delivery support at a birthing center or at home. Midwife birth costs can be influenced by the midwife’s experience, the length of the service, and the geographical location within Oregon.

Home Birth with a Midwife: Opting for a home birth can be a significant decision that comes with specific financial considerations. The average cost midwife home birth ranges between $3,000 and $5,000. This price includes prenatal visits, delivery, postpartum care, and often the rental of necessary medical equipment.