How Much Does it Cost to Deliver a Baby in Utah? (Insurance & Out of Pocket)

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The cost of delivering a baby in Utah, as with elsewhere in the United States, can vary widely depending on several factors including the type of delivery (vaginal or cesarean section), whether you have health insurance, and the specifics of your insurance plan. On average in Utah, an uncomplicated vaginal delivery ranges from $5,000 to $11,000, while a cesarean section could cost between $7,500 and $14,500. However, these costs can significantly increase with insurance deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses.


The costs for delivering a baby in Utah are shown to vary significantly by location and hospital. For example, delivery charges ranged from $2,539 at Tooele's Mountain West Medical Center to $10,208 at Panguitch's Garfield Memorial Hospital. These figures only account for hospital bills, excluding fees for OB-GYNs, anesthesiologists, and pediatricians, further complicating the cost assessment for expecting families. It's recommended to consult with local L&D (Labor and Delivery) experts who are familiar with those fee structures. You can match with them for free in under 30 seconds.