6 Books to Help You Have A Successful VBAC

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Here are some books on VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) that can inform and inspire your birth preparation:

  1. "The VBAC Companion: The Expectant Mother's Guide to Vaginal Birth After Cesarean" by Diana Korte and Maggie Banks
    • This book provides practical advice, success stories, and insights to help women navigate the VBAC journey.
  2. "Silent Knife: Cesarean Prevention and Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC)" by Nancy Wainer Cohen and Lois J. Estner
    • Nancy Wainer Cohen shares her own VBAC experience and explores the reasons behind the rising cesarean rates. The book provides information to help women make informed decisions.
  3. "Natural Hospital Birth: The Best of Both Worlds" by Cynthia Gabriel
    • While not exclusively focused on VBAC, this book is a comprehensive guide to having a natural birth in a hospital setting. It includes information that may be helpful for those considering VBAC.
  4. "Birthing Normally After a Cesarean or Two" by Hélène Vadeboncoeur
    • Hélène Vadeboncoeur explores the emotional and practical aspects of planning a VBAC. The book includes personal stories, insights, and practical advice.
  5. "VBAC Success Stories: Natural Birth after Cesarean" by Jen Kamel
    • This book is a compilation of VBAC success stories, providing inspiration and encouragement for those considering or planning a VBAC.
  6. "Cut, Stapled, and Mended: When One Woman Reclaimed Her Body and Gave Birth on Her Own Terms After Cesarean" by Roanna Rosewood
    • This memoir shares the author's journey through cesarean birth and her subsequent successful VBAC, offering a personal perspective on the experience.

Always remember to consult with your healthcare provider and discuss your birth plan and options for VBAC. These books can provide additional information and support as you prepare for your birth experience.

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