Brenna Huffman
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Birth & Postpartum Doula
Winston Salem, North Carolina
2 years of experience
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About me

I’m Brenna Huffman a Birth and Postpartum doula and placenta encapsulator in Winston Salem North Carolina and traveling to surrounding areas. I can’t wait to talk with you and work together to achieve the beautiful birth and postpartum of your dreams!

Certification and training

Postpartum Doula Training, CAPPA (2022)

Birth Doula Training, CAPPA (2023)

Memberships and affiliations

CAPPA member



Service introduction

I offer: Birth doula support Postpartum doula support Placenta Encapsulation

Labor and Birth
1 consultation to determine if we are the right fit and sign the contract 1 prenatal meeting to go over your birth plan, pain management options and potential labor positions Labor and Birth support starting whenever you feel more support is necessary
USD Flat rate
Postpartum Overnights
A minimum of one 10 hour overnight shift I will take over all infant care for the night. If you are breast feeding I will bring the baby to you. If you are bottle feeding I will feed the baby the bottle. I will do all burping, swaddling, diapering and soothing overnight so that you can get a full nights rest
USD Per hour
Postpartum Day Shifts
A minimum of two 5 hour day shifts required This includes lactation support, newborn care support, light household cleaning and more!
USD Per hour
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