Bria Florell
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Childbirth Educator
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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About me

Hi! I'm Bria. I'm a wife and a mama to three little humans, foodie, traveler, and outdoors-lover. I'm also a birth doula and Lamaze childbirth educator. My interest in birth work began after my second baby was born. My passion is in supporting people in their journey to parenthood. Everyone wants to hold the baby.... I'm here to hold the parent[s]! After hearing countless testimonies from birthing people who wish they'd known more before giving birth, I decided to become a doula. My goal is to INFORM, ASSIST, and EMPOWER pregnant people, so that they go into their birth feeling confident and supported. As a doula, I support all birth. Whether you're planning a home birth in a tub, or a C-section in a hospital, I'm here for it. The most important thing to me is that we develop mutual trust, and that you feel comfortable with me by your side. My personality is pretty type-A, and I love numbers and evidence. One of my goals as a doula and childbirth educator is to make sure my clients always know their options, and understand the risks/benefits of the decisions they make. My childbirth ed course is designed to teach you ALL of your birthing options - not just your hospital's "policies". I'm excited to connect with you, and work with you during this lifechanging time!

Certification and training

Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (2020)

Babywearing Birth Doula Childbirth Education Labor Doula Parenting Postpartum Care Prenatal Care Support during Labor, Birth, and Postpartum


Service introduction

We offer services to support pregnant families through pregnancy and into postpartum. We're your coach, support system, encourager, and personal Google. Our job is to fill in all of the gaps in the US maternity care system. In person services in Twin Cities, Minnesota: - Birth Doula Support - Lactation - Photography - Childbirth education (offered virtually as well!) - Monthly community events

Birth Doula
Our all-encompassing birth doula package starts as soon as you hire us in pregnancy, and continues through the first 12 weeks of baby's life. - Free Consultation - 2 prenatal planning appointments - Continuous email and text support during pregnancy (once hired) - 24 hour on-call phone and text support starting 38 weeks gestation - In-home labor support as early as requested when in labor - Immediate postpartum support following the birth of your baby for approximately 1-3 hours - Photos of your birth experience - 1 in-home postpartum visit - 1 freezer meal - Additional text support from birth through the first 12 weeks of your baby’s life - Childbirth ed class registration included: Preparing for Childbirth (and 25% off all other classes, workshops, and events) - Access to all of our published Guides
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Childbirth Education Classes
Check out our Events for upcoming classes. We offer: - Preparing for Childbirth: all you need to know about labor and delivery - Preparing for Postpartum - Lactation Workshop - Community events hosted by guest speakers Price varies based on the class/event!
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Ratings and reviews
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My partner and I are so grateful to be working with Bria as our birth doula, and we've now taken several childbirth education classes with her. Bria's courses are incredibly informative and her teaching style is engaging and realistic; she makes a Zoom course into a fun time! We appreciate that Bria shares all of the stats/facts and provides the framework for us to make the best decisions for our individual family. We leave her classes feeling more confident and would recommend them to anyone who wants to feel empowered during their journey to parenthood. The postpartum workshop, in particular, is not to be missed!

- Dylan D.


Bria is an amazing teacher and doula! She makes learning fun and engaging. My husband and I both walked away feeling informed about what to expect before, during and after birth. I can’t say enough about how amazing any/all of her classes are!

- Kate S.