Brianna Balogh
Cleveland, Ohio
3 years of experience
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About me

Brianna was born to be a doula. For as long as she can remember she had one goal; she wanted to nurture and support a child of her own. Becoming a mom was everything to her. As she grew, her “need to nurture” placed her on an educational path toward social work with a counseling Major, but, after the birth of her own daughter, it was doula work and teaching childbirth education that spoke the loudest to her. Brianna holds the following prestigious certifications: ProDoula Certified Labor Doula Doulaversity TENS Certification Additionally, Brianna is a ProDoula Pre-Certified Childbirth Educator and is excited to complete certification by Dec. 2021. Brianna also earned, and maintains Red Cross CPR/AED/FirstAid Certification. When working with clients, Brianna reminds them to give themselves grace; to listen to their bodies and offer themselves the same patience they would give to some else if they were having a baby. Brianna opened her doula business in 2020 and has never been more personally, or professionally rewarded. Admittedly, she loves taking care of others and quite frankly… She’s really good at it! When not working with clients, Brianna loves to explore the Metroparks in her area with her family. She, her husband of 12 years, Benny, and their two children, Gianna and Elliot reside in Brooklyn, Ohio. Brianna supports families in the Cleveland and Northeastern Ohio areas and is thrilled at the opportunity to support yours!


Social Services; minor in Counseling, SAGU (2012)

Certification and training

Certified Labor Doula, ProDoula (2020)

Pre-Certified Childbirth Educator, Prodoula (2021)

Bereavement Doula, StillBirthday (2021)

TENS for Labor, DoulaVersity (2021)

CPR/AED/FirstAid Certification, Red Cross (2020)

Birth Doula Birth Support Childbirth Education Labor Doula Loss and Bereavement Doula


Service introduction

PREPARATION – CHILDBIRTH CLASSES Nourishing the mind as you prepare to give birth is equally as important as the nutrients you feed your body. One of the most frightening concepts is… “what if.” It’s called, “fear of the unknown.” And, the only thing capable of combating it is, you guessed it - KNOWLEDGE. The more we know, the more empowered we feel! ENVISION a childbirth class that avoids the “fluff” and gets down to the nitty gritty; the “what ifs” and the “what nows.” SUPPORT – LABOR DOULAS Support is literally defined as a thing that bears the weight of something or keeps it upright. That is exactly what you can expect when you engage the support of Envision Birth Services. Through our comprehensive approach to sharing information, our unlimited emotional availability, and our actual in-person presence during labor and birth, our clients experience a reduction of fear, and a burst of empowerment like they never imagined possible!