Brittany Martin

Birth & Postpartum Doula
Baltimore, Maryland
8 years of experience
About me

When Brittany became a mom at 19, she recalls feeling afraid, unprepared, and disconnected from herself. She lacked a strong support system, and self-advocacy was a foreign concept to her. All she knew was to follow doctors' orders. So, she suffered through her first HG pregnancy without treatment, showed up at the hospital at the first sign of contractions, and birthed her baby via cesarean for reasons unknown. When she became pregnant with her second child a few years later, she was more intentional in finding a care team to support her in achieving her birth goals. She hired doula-midwives from whom she received all of her prenatal care. Despite Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) and other stressors negatively impacting that pregnancy as well, having an attentive and supportive care team that centered her needs and respected her bodily autonomy influenced a more positive and empowering experience. Inspired by her journey, Brittany felt compelled to pay it forward. She believes everyone deserves a safe, informed and empowering birthing experience. Recognizing the implications of birthing while Black in America, she actively challenges coercive healthcare practices and, alongside many dedicated birth workers, strives to improve the state of Black maternal and infant healthcare.

Certification and training

Birth Doula Training (Birth Arts International) (2016)

Lactation Peer Counselor (Breastfeeding USA) (2017)

Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Instructor (2023)

Baltimore Doula Project (2019)

Memberships and affiliations

National Black Doulas Association

Evidence Based Birth

Baltimore Doula Project

Birth and Lactation Breastfeeding Assistance and Support Infant Care Labor Doula Latch Issues Low Milk Supply/Over Supply Natural Birth Postpartum Doula Care Teenagers


Service introduction

Mother.Sister.Friend. is more than a business; it’s an extension of myself- a heartfelt endeavor, a haven where you can find connection, personalized care and understanding while being embraced in your uniqueness. I offer comprehensive care throughout your journey to parenthood including EBB® childbirth education, pregnancy, labor, postpartum and lactation support. My aim is to provide a safe space for those seeking compassion, guidance and a genuine hand of support on their paths to and throughout early parenthood.

Placenta Encapsulation Services (Starting at $275)
Elevate your postpartum experience with our placenta encapsulation services. Our all-inclusive package features placenta capsules/powder, captivating placenta prints and umbilical cord keepsakes. Capture the essence of your precious journey with a unique offering that supports your physical recovery and provides personalized mementos to cherish for a lifetime.
USD Flat rate
Comprehensive Doula Support: Sliding Scale $1,345-$2,245
Phone and email support from hire to baby’s first birthday. Up to 12 hours of in-person and virtual visits for building rapport, discussing birth preferences, creating a personalized birth plan, practicing labor positions and comfort measures, addressing questions and concerns, and planning for infant care and the postpartum period. 6-week EBB® Childbirth Education Course (6 month access) The Fresh Test: a natural alternative for glucose screening, FDA-approved and meeting ADA standards. Physical, emotional, and informational support, along with advocacy throughout the birthing process to empower and comfort you and ensure your voice is heard. Immediate support for up to 2 hours after birth, assisting with feeding, bonding, and immediate family needs. One postpartum home visit (up to 2 hours) for debriefing birth experience, addressing challenges, and assessing further care needs.
USD Flat rate
Postpartum Doula Support- Sliding Scale: $30-$50
Whether it’s your first or your fifth baby, no matter the outcome of your birth- postpartum support is a necessity. -Together we will create a schedule and care plan to fit your specific needs! -Compassionate assistance for your physical, mental and emotional well-being during the 4th trimester. -A judgement-free zone to share your experiences, concerns, and triumphs. -Hands-on support for daily tasks, light chores, meals, errands, and baby care, allowing you to take a break to rest or eat. Remember: you cannot pour from an empty cup! -Evidence-based guidance on newborn care, including feeding, diapering, bathing, and soothing techniques. -Assistance with lactation and infant feeding including; latch issues, pace-feeding, and positioning. -Care provided to older siblings to aid in adapting and adjusting to a new normal. -Referrals for additional support as needed for continued assistance and well-rounded postpartum care.
USD Per hour
Ratings and reviews
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So many good things I could say but my experience with Brittany was nothing short of amazing!!!! My birth didn't go as planned so instead of a vaginal unmedicated birth I had to have a cesarean. However Brittany explained everything step by step which made me relax a bit. She also helped me prepare a birthing plan for a vaginal as well as a cesarean birth. I've never felt so empowered. One of the very few people that I would entrust with my son while I showered and took some much needed rest with my door shut! No worries at all. A meal prepared and a clean house. As Moms we need our village!!! Thank you for everything! 💙💚 Round 2 lol

- Shiquita N.

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