Caitlin Dyer
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Childbirth Educator
Brisbane, Queensland
10 years of experience
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About me

Hi there. I’m Caitlin. And just about ten years ago, I was where you might be finding yourself right now…pregnant, overwhelmed with information, unsure about birth, and naively confident about becoming a mother. When I was pregnant with my first I did all the things you were “supposed” to do. And I did one thing that was slightly unexpected...I enrolled in a hypnobirthing class. I can’t actually point to the exact reason why I enrolled in that hypnobirthing class. Rather than one particular motive, it was more a vague sense that I wanted more from the pregnancy and birth experience than what I was being given. I wanted to really embrace this experience…and I wanted my partner to embrace it too. I wanted an intervention free birth and, being a nurse, I knew that achieving that within the confines of the medical system would be challenging so I wanted as much education and preparation as possible. What I loved most about hypnobirthing is that it taught me to let go without feeling like I was surrendering control of the situation. It showed me that by choosing how, where, and when to let go – I could still be in control. And for an experience like birth where there is so much you simply cannot control, I loved feeling confident that I could at least control myself, my reaction, my choices. As those first few twinges of labour grew into regular contractions, I actually felt calm and confident. I wasn’t at all afraid. I was excited. I knew I was ready both for birth and to meet my baby. I had such a positive birth experience. And I wanted more women to start motherhood on that high! So I became a hypnobirthing practitioner myself. Helping women thrive throughout pregnancy, birth, and the fourth trimester is both my passion and my purpose. Seeing women move from feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, and anxious about birth and motherhood to feeling empowered and excited brings me so much joy!


Bachelor of Psychology, Dartmouth (2002)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, QUT (2008)

Graduate Certificate in Health Professional Education, Griffith (2012)

Certification and training

Hypnobirthing Australia Certified Practitioner (2013)

Newborn Mothers Postpartum Professional (2015)

Memberships and affiliations

Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

Hypnobirthing Australia

Newborn Mothers

Childbirth Education Natural Birth Postpartum Adjustment Postpartum Care Postpartum Life Support during Labor, Birth, and Postpartum


Service introduction

I work with women who are worried about birth – they have seen birth as it is portrayed in the movies, they have heard terrible birth stories. And they don’t want that to be their journey. They want a birth where they feel empowered and in control of their experience. But they don’t know how to manage that. I help women have a birth experience where: they are calm they feel in control their partner is actively involved and their role is respected they understand the physiology of labour and they work with their body they understand various medical practices and avoid unnecessary interventions they make the best choices for them and their individual circumstances they are prepared no matter how their birth unfolds I help women OWN their birth rather than feel OVERWHELMED by it.

The Positive Birth Program Group Classes
This is for you if you want to feel informed about the process of birth, educated about your choices, in control of your experience, and confident that you will have the positive birth that you want. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, be prepared, take control of your birth, and look forward to giving birth and becoming a mother! The confidence you gain through The Positive Birth Program enables you to know that you are making the informed choices that will deliver you the positive birth that you want. Live in person classes are held in Brisbane. The classes includes twelve hours of instruction, a fear release guided meditation, a folio of evidence based resources, access to an online learning platform filled with digital learning resources, four hypnobirthing tracks, an ebook, a birth rehearsal video, a birth debrief, and additional support as needed.
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