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Birth Doula
Denver, Colorado
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*I am currently not providing services because I am pregnant! If you are looking for a doula, I highly encourage you to reach out to the following groups: -Lucina Rising BirthWork: -Elephant Circle: * Hi I’m Caitlin! I believe that birth is one of the most sacred and powerful experiences a person and a family can go through. I believe that you already have everything necessary inside of you to give birth. My goal is to support, uplift, and protect the type of birth experience you want to have. I understand the necessity for equity, access, and inclusion in birth work and strive to create an environment where all are welcome regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

Certification and training

DONA (2021)

Advocate Doula Training (2023)

Breastfeeding Basics (2021)

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Lucina Rising BirthWork

Birth Doula


Service introduction

What does birth support actually look like? It means that starting at 37 weeks, I am your on-call support. From the start of contractions until your baby is safe and sound in your arms – I am by your side to physically and emotionally support you through labor.

The Shield
Do you want music playing during your birth? Who do you want in the room? Do you want delayed cord clamping? When you are talking about the type of birth you want to have, you have A LOT of options. Developing your birth plan is one of the most impactful things you can do as you prepare for your new arrival. Are you interested in developing a birth plan but don’t know where to start? Over the course of three to five virtual sessions, I will help you create your birth and initial postpartum plan and help you develop and articulate your preferences.
USD Per hour
The Dove
$600-800 2 prenatal meetings, birth support, 1 postpartum meeting This option is great for: those who have experienced childbirth before. **Please note that my pricing is on a sliding scale! Whatever you are able to pay within the scale works for me.
USD Flat rate
The Olive Branch -
$900-1150 3 prenatal meetings, birth support, 2 postpartum meetings This option is great for: first time parents **Please note that my pricing is on a sliding scale! Whatever you are able to pay within the scale works for me.
USD Flat rate
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