Caroline Knisley
Birth & Postpartum Doula
Essex, Maryland
3 years of experience
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About me

Hi, my name is Caroline and I am a certified labor, postpartum and infant care doula, a Body Ready Methodsm Pro and Essential Oil Birth Consultant. Currently, I am working towards my Prenatal Yoga Instructor certification. It is my passion to support families during their journey of meeting their new baby, and to make them feel more secure and taken care of during this sacred time of pregnancy, birth and beyond. My hobbies include gardening, baking (especially sourdough bread) and beekeeping. I enjoy practicing mindfulness, wearing cozy sweaters, and spending time with my family and friends. Fall is my favorite season, with its color changes and our family's apple and pumpkin picking adventures. I am a mountain girl, who was born and raised in Germany. I offer my services in both German and in English.

Certification and training

Labor Doula (2020)

Postpartum Doula (2020)

Infant Care Doula (2020)

Body Ready Method Professional (2022)

Essential Oil Birth Consultant (2020)

Aromatherapy Birth Doula Birth Support Breastfeeding Support Infant Care Labor Doula Mindfulness Multiples Natural Birth Natural Childbirth Newborn Care Newborn Prep Postpartum Care Postpartum Doula Care Support during Labor, Birth, and Postpartum Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

English, German

Service introduction

As your Doula, I honor your beliefs surrounding birth and support your birth philosophy judgement-free. I provide you with options and resources that encourages and enables you to make the best choices for you, your family and for your baby. I guide and nurture you while you nurture and bond with your baby, and help you feel relaxed and comfortable while you recover from giving birth. I help you create a plan and strategy that aligns with your wishes and supports your parenting philosophies. I want you and your partner to feel empowered and confident as you grow and thrive in your new role as parents. I am here for you and your family to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Ratings and reviews
# of Reviews

What an amazing doula experience! Caroline was such an absolute delight to have as our doula. From the start of working with her she was very communicative and provided tons of exercises for me to prepare for the labor that she had produced herself. I had a very long labor and her presence was extremely comforting, calm and helpful throughout that time. She went above and beyond providing us with helpful lists and charts for labor and breastfeeding. Both my husband and I appreciated all the kind gestures she provided us which even included the yummiest homemade sour dough bread and specialized other treats to meet my vegan diet. As a first time Mom I feel extremely lucky that we had Caroline on our team. I would highly recommend her if you are on the fence on whether or not to hire a doula, don’t just hire any doula, hire Caroline!

- Anna H.


I can’t help but write a book’s worth of a review because Caroline is just that important to our family! We had Caroline as our doula through Mobtown for our first birth experience in 2021, and she helped me beyond measure then. I was induced in the hospital and without Caroline, I wouldn’t have gone without the epidural, as I wanted, or been able to naturally break my water. She encouraged my husband so much, too! For us, it wasn’t a second thought to ask her to join us again for our second birth experience in March of this year, 2023. This time a home birth! She walked us through options that worked for our budget, and helped me with moves to relieve back pain through late pregnancy. Her connections with other pre and post natal providers put me in touch with Kristie for placenta encapsulation for postpartum care! I had a long labor - 46 hours total. In the first stint, Caroline helped with the rebozo and moves to adjust our little one in the proper position (he was engaged with his head transverse). After a second night of laboring, Caroline’s peaceful presence and encouragement were the only things both my husband and I wanted. We were so discouraged by how long the labor had been. She came in that morning and by the afternoon, I had my baby in my arms! Forever apart of our lives and family, Caroline has given me more than I could have paid 100 doulas to offer me.

- Roberta S.


Sharing this intimate moment with Caroline, she quickly became part of our family. She went out of her way to put these first time parents’ minds at ease. She listened to our hopes and preferences, was available at all hours, helped me pick research and pick a breast pump, made house visits, checked in on us, and, on top of it, she’s an amazing cook and baker! When our labor took some unexpected turns, Caroline was right there ready to guide us through it and continue advocating for our preferences. She is such a gentle, caring, strong, and comforting spirit. Caroline will forever be a part of our family!

- Melisda H.


We are so blessed to have Caroline helped us as the overnight doula. We did not find her, but our day time doula recommended her to us as the night time doula - how lucky we were! Caroline is very professional yet personal. She is never late or miss any session (very important for the desperate 1st time parents!) and she helped us on all the aspects, from laundry to look after the baby. She also taught us so much from milk production to tricks of putting the baby to sleep. We’ve learned and grown so much as parents because of her help! Caroline is also very gentle and tender. She never jumps to the conclusion or suggestion, but always listen (a lot of time, you really just need someone to listen). But whenever she made any comments, they are always to the point and helpful, either technically or mentally. Also, one could soon tell her passion to her job and love to the babies. On top of those, she is very respectful to our family. She always asks to make sure not creating extra pressure on us. And she’s so nice to make us bread and cakes a couple times (with her grandma’s secret recipe) - so we do not have to prepare the breakfast ourselves! The list goes on and on. Overall, we really enjoy our experience with Caroline and are sad to the sessions with her come to an end…All the best Caroline. And for those who seeks night doula, seek no further.

- Myra H.


Caroline is the absolute best! We had the opportunity of having her as our doula for the birth of our first (and only) child and the experience couldn't have been any better. She surpassed all of our expectations. She was always so present, caring and loving. She has a calm personality and is open and non-judgemental. We always looked forward to our lovely meetings we had with her before labor. She talked through all different birth scenarios and we felt ready for it! She guided me through exercises and breathing techniques to prepare for delivery. Caroline gave us loads of reading material, lent us books, and gave us so many meaningful gifts. She was always there for us for whatever questions we had, since the first time we connected, till preparation and after delivery. I had the most incredible natural and unmedicated birth and I don't think this whole experience would have been the same without her. We were really blessed to have her kind spirit with us and will be forever grateful. No doubt we'd hire her again for a next baby. Thank you thank you thank you!

- Barbara O.


We chose to work with Caroline for her postpartum overnight doula services. I can't say enough how wonderful it has been having her for overnight support. She has helped my husband and I sleep comfortably for several nights knowing our baby is in good hands and has helped me keep my mental health in a good place with the extra rest. This is our second baby and I wish we would have known about her with our first! Not only does she take excellent care of our baby overnight, but she brings yummy snacks for us, helps with our dishes and checks in frequently to make sure our needs are met. Would highly recommend her to anyone looking :)

- Rebekah A.


Caroline was such a huge help! I honestly don't know how we would have survived twins, with a 3 and 5 year old also, without her help. Every other night was the perfect frequency for us because if we had a really rough night, we knew at least we would get some sleep the next night! Also, unlike our well meaning grandparents, Caroline knew when to actually feed the baby(ies) and when to rock them, shush them, and a variety of other techniques and I always knew I wasn't going to have to pay for my sleep the next day because my babies had just spent 8 hours sleeping in someone's arms and wanted only that again. She definitely moved them towards sleeping on their own with healthy sleep habits. And by some miracle, she also got the twins laundry and bottle dishes done! My favorite part was how she just freshened up the main floor of my house. in a way that only her and my mother in law know how to do within 15 minutes of walking into my house and made it not seem like such a train wreck. I will tell anybody that hiring Caroline was hands down the best money I have ever spent and in retrospect, I would have paid twice as much because it is just invaluable. It saved us so much stress and arguments. Even though this post partum period was the hardest of my 3 by far, my husband and my relationship was the best. I know that getting proper sleep every other night was directly responsible for that because things were even tougher when we went on vacation and had 4 nights of not so great sleep. Having sleep just made it easier to tackle the day. Caroline also had lots of little tips and tricks she taught me that made life for even this seasoned mom easier. We love Caroline!!

- Sarah W.


I had the absolute BEST experience with Caroline ❤️ She is one of the most heart warming, friendly people I have ever met and I am so blessed to have had her with me during my whole labor/delivery journey. She made me feel amazing and had great solutions to all pain. Not only was she there during my labor/delivery but afterwards too, she is constantly checking up on me and my family and I can tell she genuinely cares for us! She was not only there for me but for my partner as well and it was the sweetest thing, with moments we will never forget. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for us but she is definitely one of a kind and I could not go through another labor without her lol 🥰

- Jalyn R.