Carolyn & Lauren of Mental Push Plan
Childbirth Educator
Boise, Idaho
11 years of experience
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About me

Mental Push Plan brings you mental tools to empower you through pregnancy, birth and beyond. We currently offer 2 digital workbooks: The Mental Push Plan guides you to tap into your inner strength using mental tools to feel confident & prepared for birth. This self-guided digital workbook mentally prepares you for labor and birth using tools based on mindfulness and sport psychology. It includes meditations, exercises and mental tools to look back on your birth experience with a sense of empowerment & satisfaction. The Mental Grief Plan is designed for you to identify and approach your grief in a gentle, self-compassionate way. It provides meditations and journal prompts to understand how your grief is manifesting, mindfulness tools to use when you feel overwhelmed by your grief, a plan to communicate your grief to others and finally, ways to navigate your path moving forward. Our goal is to help you unlock and use your own inner mental strength to empower you wherever you are on your journey to parenthood.


Bachelor of Arts - Psychology (2011)

Masters of Science - Kinesiology (2014)

PhD - Sport & Exercise Psychology (2017)

Birth Support Building Healthy Communication Grief and Loss Mindfulness Pain Management Positive Thinking Self-Compassion Stress Management


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