Cynthia Garcia
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Hearne, Texas
3 years of experience
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About me

Hi! As a mom of 4 and certified Holistic Birth Professional, I bring my own experiences and training to support your needs. I am a certified doula/Birthkeeper, Placenta Specialist and Peer Lactation Counselor.

Certification and training

Holistic Doula/ Birthkeeper Certification, H.E.R.B.A.L (2020)

Peer Lactation Counselor, H.E.R.B.A.L (2020)

Placenta Prep Specialist, H.E.R.B.A.L (2020)

Supporting Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Cornerstone (2021)

Abuse Adolescent Care Advanced Maternal Age Anxiety Anxiety and Depression Aromatherapy Babywearing Birth and Lactation Birth Assistant Birth Doula Birth Support Birth Trauma Breastfeeding Assistance and Support Breastfeeding Consultation Breastfeeding Support Contraception and Family Planning Family Planning Herbal Postpartum Care Home Birth Labor Doula Natural Birth Naturopathic Medicine Panic Placenta Encapsulation Positive Thinking Postpartum Care Postpartum Chef Postpartum Depression Postpartum Doula Care Postpartum Life Relaxation Techniques Returning to work (pumping, breastmilk storage, etc) Sibling Preparation Spirituality Support during Labor, Birth, and Postpartum Teenagers Trauma Recovery Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) Water birth

English, Spanish

Service introduction

I offer Holistic Birth Support for Home Birth Settings, Lactation Support, Placenta Services, Birth Pool Rental, Holistic Fertility Support, and Postpartum Meal Prep.

Basic Birth Support
Throughout my time with you as a doula, I will guide you through the journey in making true informed decisions. Having the full information is part of what I bring to the table. I offer emotional support to help you process and work through any fears, concerns, or triggers that may come into play during the preparation process of labor. I offer physical support to help ease the intensity and pain of contractions and speaking positive birth affirmations to help your mindset get back to where it needs to be for you. I also provide support to partners, so they have the knowledge to support the way they need to and advocate when needed. 2 Prenatal Meetings Birth Plan Preparation ON CALL starting at 37 weeks. 2 hours immediate Postpartum Support to help with latching/feeding and making sure family is doing well and has everything needed for the rest of the day. 1 Postpartum well visit within 1 week of birth. Make sure everyone is still doing OK and has everything they need.
USD Flat rate
Premium Birth Support
Everything that is included in the basic package will be included here plus... 1 extra prenatal meeting. Placenta Encapsulation. 1 Placenta print. Partner/Dad to Dad (Q&A) Chat.
USD Flat rate
Placenta Encapsulation (chocolates or capsules)
This includes My time in processing and preparing your placenta into capsules or chocolate form (choose one) (which typically takes between 24-48 hours ) And An umbilical cord keepsake. I have more packages and add ons on my website!
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