Danica Donnelly

Colorado Springs, Colorado
18 years of experience
About me

I am Danica, a birth photographer and family bonding photographer, your guide in celebrating the difficult. Difficult things make us stronger; they make us more resilient; they give us perspective and appreciation; and they foster a deeper connection with our loved ones. I love looking for beauty in the chaos of birth and motherhood. I’ll guide you to a whole new perspective on who you are as a mother and the invaluable gift you are to your children.


Bachelor's Degree (2007)



Service introduction

My specialty is in birth photography and documenting the details of your day to day life so that you have a way to process, reminisce, and tell the story or your life with your children. What would you give to have the best moments of your life documented?

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This is my first baby and I’m just not sure if I’ll want another person in the room, let alone with a camera.
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