Danielle Khoury
Physical Therapist
Bentonville, Arkansas
7 years of experience
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About me

Danielle has been practicing physical therapy since 2017, with an emphasis in orthopedics and pelvic health. To provide the care she felt moms deserved, she founded Pelvic Roots Physical Therapy; a mobile pelvic floor physical therapy practice to serve moms in Northwest Arkansas. As an athlete, she is passionate about helping women achieve their fitness goals without peeing their pants. As a mother, she has a heart for improving postpartum care and believes every new mom should have access to pelvic floor physical therapy early on to aide in healing as well as helping prevent pelvic floor dysfunction.


Doctorate Physical Therapy (2017)

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Service introduction

PRPT specializes in pelvic health and orthopedic physical therapy helping you find healing for: Urinary incontinence Lumbopelvic pain Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain Painful intercourse Pelvic organ prolapse Diastasis recti Injury prevention when returning to exercise postpartum Constipation Coccyx pain Orthopedic injury