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My name is Danyale Washington. I graduated with my B.S. in Psychology from Concordia University Chicago. After working for over a decade in various facets of childcare and education —as well as having two children of my own— I have seen countless times, as well as witnessed myself as a parent, the lack of support and resources. My passion for helping others and dedication to children and their families reaching their full potential has always been a big part of who I am. It has continuously fueled me to pursue a career in doing just that–offering my insight and expertise to help those I serve feel confident and well-equipped to foster healthy development in children. My philosophy is rooted in empowerment, positivism, and compassion. It is at the core of all my services. My approach is strength-based and client-centered. It focuses on being an aid to those I provide support to in using the tools and skills they already possess to foster optimal growth and development in children. I believe in empowering individuals as they navigate the more challenging components of childrearing. My role as a coach is to be in your corner—cheering you on—guiding and supporting you while utilizing your strengths to achieve your goals. You are the driver; I am simply the map!


Bachelors of Psychology, Concordia University Chicago (2014)

Certification and training

Certified Sleep Consultant (2020)

Trained New Parent Educator (2020)

Safe Sleep Ambassador (2018)

Trained ABA Therapist (2017)

Assertiveness Attachment problems Baby and Toddler Sleep Coach Building Healthy Communication Childbirth Education Childhood Growth and Development Early Parenting Educator Evidence-Based Care Parenting Parenting Support Postpartum Adjustment Postpartum Care Postpartum Life Returning to work (pumping, breastmilk storage, etc) Sibling Preparation Sleep Consultant Toddlers


Service introduction

Sleep support (sleep consulting), discipline support, new parent education/postpartum support, potty training support for new and existing parents.

Ratings and reviews
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We started working with Danyale when our son was about 8 weeks old, and we’re so glad that we started so early! We learned ways to instill healthy sleep habits for our baby right from the start. We were amazed at how quickly he learned to put himself to sleep, and sleep through the night! Danyale was absolutely wonderful and it was extremely helpful to have someone to ask questions to weekly and guide us through the process. We are so thankful to have such a happy and well rested baby - thank you so much Danyale! You are amazing, and we are so grateful for you and Sweet Piece!

- Mariana C.


Danyale was and continues to be an amazing support for me and my children. She is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in her field and brings a wonderful spirit and energy to every meeting. She provides excellent services and helps parents learn how to use their strengths and areas of improvement to better themselves as a parent and strengthen their relationships with their children. I highly recommend working with Danyale if you are seeking someone knowledgeable and personable, and willing to help you through ANYthing you may be experiencing with compassion and empathy!

- Francila L.


Danyale was wonderful to work with. She is truly and expert in her field, both from an academic theory aspect, as well a from real world experience of being a parent herself and also helping countless parents through real life parenting struggles. She helped educate us, but also helped reassure us with the struggles we were having, and give us the confidence we needed to tackle the hard challenges that come with parenting small children (sleep, potty training, behavior, diet, etc). She is a great resource to follow on social media, as she is always sharing great advise on a variety of topics. After working with Danyale, you will feel like you have a game plan, confidence, and knowledge on how to be a better parent.

- Thomas H.


As a first time mom, the impeding arrival of my new baby was scary. With Danyale's help I was able to navigate the new challenges with confidence and ease. She showed excellent communication, provided all the tools I needed to be successful and exceeded my expectations, proving to be the exact support I needed during this special moment in my family’s life. Our family could not have made a better choice in working with her!

- LeAnna C.

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