Elizabeth Bine
Sleep Coach
Peachtree City, Georgia
5 years of experience
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About me

Hey y'all! My name is Elizabeth and I am a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, (and a recovering Sleep Deprived Mama). Through expert training, personal and professional experience, I have found that although sleep is a natural function, it is not always instinctual for babies or parents. In fact, it can be downright confusing and overwhelming for the whole family. But here is what I want you to know: A good foundation of sleep lays the groundwork for a thriving family. As parents, we aren’t expected to know have it all figured out right away—but with education and support we can build a family that flourishes, not falters. My favorite thing is working 1:1 with families as they support their children toward a healthy and restorative nights' rest!


M.A., Ohio State University (2007)

Certification and training

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Stop Light Approach Certification, Love and Logic Parenting Certification (2018)

Memberships and affiliations

Sleep Sense Program



Service introduction

Does your baby’s sleep have you more confused than a chameleon in a bag of skittles? Maybe what use to work isn’t working any more. Maybe it never has. Here is the SECRET: it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s ok to be tired of being tired. Take a deep breath and dream big with me here: What could your day be like with a full night’s rest? What new developments could your baby tackle if she was well rested? When I work 1 on 1 with families, we spend a LOT of time together— walking you through the sleep science and the WHY’s of what we are going to do, and then I am going to take you through the HOW of your Personalized Sleep Plan step by step. All of your questions will be answered; ensuring that you are educated, empowered and prepared to implement the change you are looking for. Follow up support will help you maneuver through the next 2+ weeks of your sleep journey to help you reach your sleep goals.

Baby Bundle
Intensive Questionnaire Personalized Sleep Plan 1 hour + Coaching Consultation 2 weeks of Expert Coaching Support: 3 Coaching Calls Daily Voxer Support Sleep Tracking Log with Daily Review Resource Guides for future development
USD Flat rate
Newborn Bundle
Online Newborn Sleep Education Course Pre-baby Coaching Consultation Newborn Sleep Plan 5+ Coaching Phone calls Online Sleep Tracker Unlimited email access (responses within 1-2 business days, often sooner) Resource Guides for future development BONUS: 20 Minute Refresher Call for the Future ** Coaching Support may be adjusted per your child’s age.
USD Flat rate
Toddler+ Bundle
Intensive Questionnaire Personalized Sleep Plan RELAX Kids Strategies Creating Boundaries Strategies Personalized Visual Sleep Routine 1.5hr Coaching Consultation 3 weeks of Expert Coaching Support: 4 Coaching Calls Daily Voxer Support Sleep Tracking Log with Daily Review Resource Guides for future development
USD Flat rate
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