Ellen Roeser
Edina, Minnesota
42 years of experience
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About me

I have always been drawn to newborns, infants, children of all ages, and their families. There is a richness in family life that always brings about such a great sense of wonder and awe. There is a way a baby or toddler looks back at you and you know they don’t care what color your hair is, how many wrinkles you have, if you are overweight, underweight, or have zero sense of style. They just know how to LOVE. It is that unconditional love and trust in a baby’s eyes that instilled a strong desire in my heart to protect this innocence and trust by providing families with care providers they could trust. Care that is always gentle, loving, slowly paced, curious, and joyful. We want to bring this into your home.

Certification and training

Certified Postpartum Doula (2019)



Service introduction

North Star Newborns offers one-on-one care for newborns and infants from birth to 12 months. Our service is focused on the very specific needs of your family. There are two distinct levels of care: The Newborn and Infant Care Specialist, and the Postpartum Doula. The Newborn and Infant Care Specialists primary focus is the baby. As a Newborn and Infant Care Specialist, responsibilities are limited to gentle, loving, and focused care, for the baby, diaper changing, sterilization of bottles, keeping the area of care neat and orderly, and educating the parent(s) about all things baby related. We have found that by limiting the responsibilities, the care remains focused on the baby. The care provider remains free of stress by knowing clearly defined duties, and that sense of peace is felt by the baby and even trickles down to parents, grandparents, and siblings. Our Postpartum Doulas provide care for the entire family. This includes but is not limited to sibling care, laundry, light cooking and cleaning, caring for the parent(s), providing guidance, and an education in newborn care, and support for breastfeeding. It is important to understand that our care providers are not nannies. Nannies are hired directly by a family and are the employee of the family and are generally long term. Our care providers are contractors hired by NSN and are specialists in newborn and infant care. All are insured, independent, fully vetted, and have invested time and money into their newborn care education. We have the most experienced, educated and highly qualified team in the Twin Cities. More than anything, we are in your home because of a deep love for newborns, infants, and families. The first twelve months are a very tender and fragile time, and we embrace that by providing care that is focused, gentle and loving. This in turn helps the parent(s) to focus on what they need to do while we are there caring for their baby. We are here to help you on a temporary basis as a care provider, or as a postpartum doula. We are available on call, or scheduled in advance. We have helped women that need to finish up classes for a degree, families that run their own business and just need help occasionally, a husband and wife looking for an evening out together, families that have had a nanny call in sick, or need care when their nanny is on vacation. Some of our clients simply want to delay baby’s entrance into daycare until the baby is a bit older. Whatever your needs are, we try to meet them! We also provide the following to get parents and babies off to a happy, healthy start: Onsite newborn nanny training and ongoing support for both the nanny and the family. Happy nannies and happy babies help prevent high nanny turnover!

Ratings and reviews
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Northstar Newborns has been a Godsend for our family. Ellen has gone above and beyond to meet our ever changing needs and our two nannies/doulas have become part of our family. Our children are not only well cared for, but truly loved by them. I would recommend speaking with Ellen if you are looking for care for your little ones.

- Lynsey A.

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