Emily Hoffman
Offers virtual services
Childbirth Educator
Stratford, New Jersey
3 years of experience
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About me

Hi, I’m Emily, an ICEA certified childbirth educator. My mission is to make sure everyone has access to evidence based childbirth education, and I started childbirth Inc to provide free classes to anyone who can not otherwise budget for traditional classes. I am joined by many awesome volunteers and provide classes monthly. I am pro medicated, unmedicated, home, hospital, birth center, or any other choice you feel is best for you! My job is to make sure parent’s birth uniquely fits them, replace fears and concerns with facts and make sure they have wonderful memories of the experience!


Student Biology (2022)

Certification and training

ICCE (2021)

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Childbirth Education


Service introduction

Childbirth Inc provides remote childbirth classes at no cost to expectant parents. Tickets can be reserved through Childbirthinc.com. Classes vary, but generally consist of 5-6 hours split between 2-3 days. Educators provide an evidence based course and are either certified with ICEA, or competing a teaching series as a requirement for certification. By joining a class you are also helping students finish their journey to becoming an ICCE!