Erin Van Engen
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Chicago, Illinois
3 years of experience
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About me

Hi! I am Erin Van Engen, a pediatric Physical Therapist Assistant and Certified Child Sleep Consultant. And I LOVE sleep! Sleepless nights are not just a given, or a right of passage into parenthood and you do not have to just wait and hope your child grows out of it. I guide parents to follow gentle techniques to teach babies to sleep on their own, enabling them to sleep through the night. I help establish good routines and boundaries for older children to stop bedtime resistance and ensure kids are getting the appropriate amount of sleep. Whatever age your child is, let’s get started teaching them independent sleep habits so your whole family can enjoy a well-rested, happy and healthy life!


Associates of Applied Science: Physical Therapist Assistant (2017)

Certification and training

Sleep Sense Pediatric Consultant (2020)



Service introduction

My methods help parents teach their children independent sleep skills. This means they are able to fall asleep on their own at bedtime, in the middle of the night and for naps. I do not use cry-it-out but allow parents to be present and offer comfort throughout the process. Then we gradually decrease the assistance until baby/child is sleeping on their own! Everything about my plans is customized to you and your child to make sure it is successful. My support is there the entire process to answer questions, give encouragement, make any changes, and celebrate the wins!

Age: Prenatal to 12 weeks 1 hour virtual consult Sleep environment assessment Individualized Healthy Sleep Plan 3 follow-up calls Unlimited text/email for 4 weeks (1-2 responses daily)
USD Flat rate
Age: 3 or 4 months to 18 months 60-90 minute consult Individualized Sleep Plan Sleep Environment Assessment Four 15 minute calls Unlimited text/email for 2 weeks (1-2 responses daily)
USD Flat rate
Age: 18 months-10 years 60-90 minute consult Sleep Environment Assessment Individualized Sleep Plan Five 15 minute calls Unlimited text/email for 3 weeks (1-2 responses daily)
USD Flat rate
Ratings and reviews
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Erin has helped us with both of our children. We started our oldest at 18months and then our second child at 7 months. Both experiences were great! I can’t believe the differences she helped us make. We were rocking them to sleep and then they would wake up when we tried to leave the room. Bedtimes were hours long battles of trying to rock to sleep and then army crawl out of the room only to have them wake up 30 min later. We loved her methods and she was very responsive to any questions we had. She tailored her plans to our needs and we can’t recommend her highly enough. If you are on the fence just give her a call!! Sleeping is a wonderful thing for everyone!

- Brittany K.


After 6 plus months of having night after night of sleep disruption, I met Erin, and she was finally able to bring us peaceful nights again. Our daughter was brought up on the sleep sense program, so sleep always came easy and without a struggle. At about 2.5 years old, she would resist bedtime, stall, and get our of her bed (since we had converted it) over and over again. Once she was finally down after a lot of arguing, negotiating etc, she would also wake multiple times a night, and would still barely hit 6am when she woke up for the day. Erin took time to listen to everything that was going on, and gave us very prescriptive advice on what to do in each situation we encountered. Everything she said just made sense, and I felt very supported. Her strategies worked within the first few days! I thought this would never get fixed and it would be a problem forever, until we met Erin!

- Shaina B.


When our son turned 14 months and he still wasn’t sleeping through the night, I knew I needed help. Google didn’t work, advice from others didn’t work, so I called Erin. Within 5 nights, we were all sleeping! After chatting with me, she created a plan designed for our family and easily tracked our daily/nightly progress on a shared doc. She’d send texts with suggestions or encouragement when needed, and wrapped the process up with an amazing sleep guide for future use (what to do with regressions, illness, time changes, etc.). Worth every penny!!

- Caroline H.