Esmeralda De La Rosa

Birth Doula
Avondale, Arizona
About me

I am a Birth Doula who educates, supports and coaches women and their families throughout the childbirth process. I believe that all women and babies deserve the dignity of a joy filled birth. The goal of childbirth should not only be to survive but to thrive in labor. Birth is intimate, vulnerable and sacred and you deserve bedside hands-on care that makes you feel important and loved. Mamma you are strong, beautiful and a vessel that brings forth new life. It is my mission to educate and support you with those truths in mind. Your body was made for this!

Certification and training

Birth Doula Certification (2021)

Birth Doula Birth Support Early Parenting Educator

English, Spanish

Service introduction

When you hire me for birth you will receive 3 prenatals. The first prenatal goes over the anatomy of childbirth where we discuss what you can expect at each stage of labor. In the second prenatal I will guide you in creating a birth plan in detail and you will learn about the pros and cons of interventions. The last prenatal will cover labor comfort techniques and body balancing. You will become familiar with how your pelvis works at different stages in labor and the different ways we can balance it to help promote labor. We will also make sure that your support partner feels educated and empowered on how to better support you in labor. I will be available to you for the entirety of labor and am available 24/7 via text or phone call upon signing your contracts. After delivery, I offer a postpartum visit of 2 hours included in the package where I will help with anything you may need. It is a fully rounded package that takes care of you from beginning to end.

Labor Bundle
-Anatomy of Childbirth -Birth Plan Creation/ Intervention Education -Labor Comfort/ Pain Relief Techniques -Bodywork -Labor Support -1 Postpartum 2 hour session
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