10-Week Comprehensive Birth Class


$375.00 USD

About the class

-Are you feeling overwhelmed and anxious about your upcoming birth? -Do you want to know all of your options? -Do you want a prepared and supportive partner? -Do you want a birth plan that actually works? -Do you want an a memorable and amazing birth experience? Join us as we dive into childbirth in the most comprehensive way possible! We will cover everything you need to know to prepare for your amazing birth including: -Exercise & Nutrition During Pregnancy -Choosing a Supportive Care Provider & Birth Place -Hospital Policies & Informed Consent -All about Labor & Delivery -Preparing mentally, emotionally, & physically for birth -Tips for Partners -Ways to Reducing Pain -Comfort Measures & Relaxation -Positions for Labor & Pushing -Variations of Labor -Birth Plans -Postpartum Recovery -Newborn Procedures -Newborn Care & Breastfeeding Class is held in Provo every Thursday evening (6:30-9:00pm) starting July 28 through October 6th. The cost for this class is $375. A $50 Non-refundable deposit due immediately to order materials and reserve your spot in class. Remaining balance due on or before the first day of class. Register at www.utahbirthclass.com .


1579 South 620 West, Provo, Utah, US



Refund and cancellation policy

Tickets are non-refundable unless further stated. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact support@bornbir.com.

About the provider

Caryn Allen

Hi, I’m Caryn Allen, certified childbirth educator, birth doula, and postpartum doula. I was born and raised in the Saint Louis, Missouri area but have called Utah my home since 2013. My husband and I met when he came to Missouri to do summer sales, and what started out as a summer romance turned into 14 years of marriage, 5 moves in 3 states, 4 children, 1 dog, and loads of fun. I enjoy board and card games, sewing, crocheting, movie watching, Dungeons and Dragons, and a good camping trip. I have dreams of one day living on a small farm with a variety of animals, doing birth work for animals and humans alike. I believe that birth is one of the most empowering and transformative experiences a woman can ever go through. How she chooses to give birth will affect her mind, body, and spirit for the rest of her life. I passionately believe that knowledge is power, and with that power comes the potential for truly wonderful birthing experiences. I became a birth worker to help women and their partners know and feel empowered in their choices, and to help them feel supported during the beautiful and intimate process of bringing a new life into the world.

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