Empowered Charting for Pregnancy


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About the class

This self-paced, always available online course teaches women how to chart their menstrual cycle to optimize their fertility and ability to become pregnant naturally! It’s so much more than a “How To” course, however. This step by step program teaches a woman how to understand her Individual fertility and interpret her UNIQUE charts so that she can take charge of her path to pregnancy. At the end of this course, a woman will not only understand her body on a deep and personal level but will feel confident and empowered to advocate for herself throughout her entire fertility journey.


This is an online event. Your instructor will provide you with instructions on how to attend after you sign up for the event.



Refund and cancellation policy

Tickets are non-refundable unless further stated. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact support@bornbir.com.

About the provider

Adriane Cook

Hello! My name is Adriane and I am a Natural Fertility Doula. I offer support through a virtual course titled Empowered Charting for Pregnancy. In this online course I teach women how to chart their menstrual cycles in order to become the experts on their own bodies and become pregnant naturally! I have two beautiful daughters, both of which I conceived thanks to charting my cycles! I would be honored to help you grow your family!

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