Solidified Alternatives to Birth Certificates Explained


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This virtual event will cover alternatives to consenting to a birth certificate - whether for religious reasons or not. There are options that allow you to instead create your own and use the same you would a State-given document for your child(ren). This time will be PACKED with valuable information, examples, and more. All participants will receive a copy of resources shared during this online event. These alternatives are widely accepted on both Federal and State level - although considered "outdated" to many. However, it keeps YOU in control.


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neo hatshesut ma'at-el

Greetings! I’m Neo, your doula practitioner. Like a few people in birth work, I fell into the doula journey after a horrible hospital birth experience in 2014. From the lack of respect from hospital staff to my wishes being laughed at, I knew my next experience would not be this way. After giving birth to my second child in 2017, My birth center experience then further solidified my yearning for wanting to be apart of such an empowering ritual that I refer to as an “Awakening”. A magic that can only be experienced as a birthing woman endures passage into becoming a tiny newborn’s pathway and Earth realm caregiver. I’m here to serve you on this journey - with empowering knowledge, laughs, prenatal twerk sessions, and Netflix binges. I am a PRIVATE doula service, catering to families seeking private support. I assist with both assisted and unassisted home birth, hospital births, and birth center births. I am not affiliated or partnered with any medical establishment or pharmaceutical industry as my goal is to ensure families are well-informed without needing to worry about underlying, regurgitated agendas or nosey protocols of most state-licensed practitioners.

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