Tantrums, Meltdowns and Misbehavior; Build trust with your kiddo's


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Raising toddlers and preschoolers can be frustrating. Meltdowns and tantrums, screamers and wet noodling on the floor insisting they will not move until they get what they want can be so exhausting. And of course, our kiddos almost always have these behaviors when we're in a hurry, in a store, church, or other public space with lots of onlookers which causes you to feel desperate to quiet your child. No-Problem Parenting prepares us for tantrums and misbehavior so that when it happens we can say “yay! I expected this! and I’m prepared to handle it! No-Problem!” When we confidently parent through the tantrums without getting mad or becoming part of the problem, we find our kids having fewer tantrums or misbehavior. The Sit in the Chair technique teaches kids to reset or shift their brain from fight and flight to logic (different than a time-in or time-out). They become less impulsive, think before they act and their trust in you, their parent/caregiver, improves! It's one of my favorite techniques that when followed through appropriately, will improve your relationship with your kids under the age of five! You will learn; The 3 Step Sit in the Chair Technique When to use the technique and when not to How to prepare for the technique before you try it What to say and not say Stories and examples of how the technique worked for other parents Download the Sit in the Chair pdf before this workshop.


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Jaci Finneman

Jaci Finneman is passionate about helping families find happiness in their day-to-day routine. She began her career as a paraprofessional serving the needs of children with developmental disabilities. She went on to join a local non-profit agency that supported children with physical and emotional needs. Jaci was an In-Home Family Counselor and Program Coordinator for 20 years at a non-profit mental health agency. Working alongside a value-driven team, Jaci supported the launch of multiple new programs for parents and children dealing with a variety of emotional and behavioral challenges including trauma, breaks in attachment, anxiety, depression, generational abuse and neglect, as well as economic and system deficits. Jaci has spent over 40,000 hours coaching parents and kids and is highly sought after to assist children with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). In 2013 she founded Hello World, LLC – a company dedicated to awakening family relationships by creating confident parents and rebranded the company to No-Problem Parenting™ in 2021. Jaci is 1 of 100 first cousins! She enjoys all things baseball, hockey - and - dirt. Jaci believes dirt matters! Seeking out a muddy back woods trail or getting through the dirt in your home and relationships, getting through the mud and dirt is empowering and rewarding. Jaci and her husband of 25 years live in Central Minnesota with their teenage son and his faithful pup. “My coaching is parent-focused. Parents are their own child’s expert. I am here to empower them, to help them help their child.” – Jaci Finneman See less

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